Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Various Artists: Time Machine - The History Of Canadian 60s Garage Punk And Surf (1985-95)


A rather confusing album title; you see the parentheses, Time Machine - The History of Canadian 60's Garage Punk and Surf (1985-95) features the best of Canada's Garage Rock Revival bands of the 80s and early 90s.

I wish I knew more about it, other than it's a great collection of the genres you see listed here.


(VA) Time Machine:The History Of Canadian 60's Garage Punk And Surf (1985-95): (1996)

1The MongolsNautoloid Reef2:07

2The GruesomesWay Down Below2:19

3The WorstI Don't Want You1:41

4The AstronutsMontezuma2:05

5The CrypticsYou're Evil3:13

6The ChessmenTime Machine2:22

7The SurfdustersThe Reef2:28

8The Ten CommandmentsNot True3:05

9Shadowy Men On A Shadowy PlanetBennett Cerf1:34

10The SherlocksStefany3:55

11The VindicatorsThinking Of Birds3:17

12Les MinstrelsLes Grands Méchands Loups3:32

13Fuzz AldrinTrailer Park3:19

14The FiendsGravedigger2:37

15The Night StalkersLove to You2:49

16The 14th WrayYour Face Is On My Mind3:13

17Drums Along The GardinerFish3:11

18The GruesomesWhat's Your Problem3:08

19Lost PatrolCommanche1:30

20The CheshyresToo Many Women2:26

21The BeaumontsShe Treats Me Right3:09

22The TreblemakersThe Grudge1:42

23The Polyester ExplosionMadeline4:06

24Huevos RancherosRaunchy1:42

25The SmugglersThat's Is Rock 'N' Roll2:20

26Platon Et Les CavesVivre Avec Toi2:08

27The Upper Crust(We're The) Upper Crust2:13

28The Frat KingsB.M.O.C.2:45


Dave said...

I own this compilation, I think its awesome. Surf and Garage go good together. Great post. A long time ago on your wordpress site you posted a collection of songs by the Canadian band Hot Nasties, is there any chance of you posting that again? Those songs are impossible to find.

Son of Spam said...

Sure, Dave.

I was just thinking the other day that I needed to do that.

It's been extremely busy lately, but I'll try to post that up tonight, when I get a chance.

Thanks for reminding me, lol!


Derk Biӧndi said...

Hey, I'm really interesting in hearing some of this canadian surf! I see that Lost Patrol is on this comp, I wonder if it's the same Lost Patrol from Windsor.

Any chance of getting this re-upped?? Thanks!

Exeter said...

I get a file to download, but the extension seems to be .7z, instead of .zip. So I get a very long txt file of gibberish. So yes, Could you re-up please?
Thank you!

Son of Spam said...

Sorry about that, guys!

When I get home tonight (I'm still at work, lol!) I'll try to re-upload it.

Thanks for reminding me!

Exeter said...

Thank YOU for this post and all your fine work!

la mandragore said...

Excellent, thanks again !

Dave Dykhuizen said...

Wow, bit of a trip finding this. I wrote and sang the Nightstalkers' tune and had no idea it ever saw release! I was researching a blog post about those days and stumbled on your post. I'll have to order that sucker, vinyl I hope! inspireformation.blogspot.ca

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.