Saturday, November 8, 2008

'80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum - Vol. 2 (Redux)

A continuation on the post I had uploaded the other day.

This is Volume 2.


(VA) '80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum - Vol. 2:

1Bad Mutha Goose And The Brothers Grimm (Austin, TX 1991)100%3:06

2The Figures (Minneapolis, MN 1986)It's All Quite Clear3:37

3Sea Of Rains (Athens, GA 1987)Heinous Are The Crimes3:49

4Days Of... (Raleigh, NC 1987)Dreamgirl4:56

5Jonathan Segel (Santa Cruz, CA 1988)Now I Know3:51

6Rhythm Pigs (El Paso, TX 1987)Fire2:23

7Plain Wrap (Fullerton, CA Maybe 1985)Traffic3:12

8Song Dogs (New Orleans, LA 1987)Fire Is Fire5:11

9The Shakers (Nashville, TN)Queen of The Haunted Hell4:02

10Gile (Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1988)Green Onions2:04

11Seminal Rats (Melbourne, Australia 1986)Rat Race2:44

12Seminal Rats (Melbourne, Aust. 1986)Truth Never Lies3:09

13SVT (San Francisco 1981)Secret2:47

14A Picture Made (Somewhere in KS 1988)Little Boy Wisdom3:12

15R Stevie Moore (Upper Montclair, NJ 1984)I Wanna Sleep2:41

16The Jasmine Minks (London, England 1985)Think3:17

17Tom Caufield (Cincinnati, OH Maybe 1987)My Discovery2:32

18Louis And Clark (Los Angeles, CA 1987)Granville3:28

19These Immortal Souls (Australia)Open Up And Bleed3:31

20Angst (San Franciso 1987)It's Mine3:05

21Beat Rodeo (New York City 1984)Without You3:06

22Start (Lawrence, KS 1983)Where I Want To Be3:15

23Sorry (Boston, MA 1985)Far2:12

24Skeleton Crew (England & USA 1986)The Border3:30

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