Sunday, November 23, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 13

Here's yet another all-UK volume of stuff.

Ex Post Facto 7" on Yin Yang, Liverpool '81

Home Service 7" on Crystal Groove (7s:3). London '80

Louder Animal Group 7" on Ears Pop (POP 701). Brighton '80

London Underground 7" on Situation:2 (SIT9). '81

Take It 7" on Fresh Hold (FHR1). Hornsey '80

Big Hair 7" on Fresh (Fresh 19). London '80

Delmontes 7" on Rational Records (Rate3). Edinburgh '81

35mm Dreams 7" on (ASA 200). Edinburgh '82

IQ Zero 7" on Phoney-Gram Records. Lancshire'80

Jo Callis 7" on S.H.A.K.E. Project (Pop 012).

The 80's 7" on R.E.E.L. Records (LUV12). '79

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 13:

1Ex Post FactoEx Post Facto2:50

2Ex Post FactoMoney3:04

3Home ServiceThin Hours2:03

4Home ServiceThe New Age Elite Corps2:52

5Louder Animal GroupSix Magnificent Cathedrals4:40

6Louder Animal GroupPip Pop3:16

7London UndergroundTrain Of Thought4:12

8London UndergroundAll Too Many4:02

9Take ItTwenty Lines2:43

10Take ItArmchairs2:02

11Take ItTrends and Relations2:39

12Big HairPuppet On A String2:54

13Big HairLies3:36

14DelmontesSo It's Not To Be2:26

15DelmontesDon't Cry Your Tears3:41

1635MM DreamsFasten Your Safety Belts2:16

1735MM DreamsCostorphine3:36

1835MM DreamsInstomatic Dance1:45

19IQ ZeroCrazy Dolls2:39

20IQ ZeroShe's So Rare2:45

21Jo CallisDodo Boys2:44

22The 80'sNormal3:18

23The 80'sCute in a Suit2:19

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drpunkenstain said...

i'v just download a two of this comps and what am i suppose to say?not bad at all even if less punk then i supposed...anyway great job posting them,giving us a chance to hear some good some less good stuff...keep' on!
i'm still waiting some early and rare canaduh punks...maybe Dream dates,Vital Sines,etc...