Friday, November 14, 2008

'80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum - Vol. 8

Well, my friends...we've come to the end of an era. I cannot seem to find any more of these great collections. But apparently, we may be in for more. I saw on another blog , that the person who created this series MAY have more in the works. But I don't know. 

(I have since learned that the creator of this series is one "Stanislav".  Please read the story of how and why he managed to put together this awesome set in the comments below.)

Again, I just want to say thank you!

1Mad Daddys (Bonton, NJ 1985)Come With Me3:07

2Green On Red (Tuscon, AZ 1983)5 Easy Pieces2:23

3Moving Targets (Boston, MA 1986)The Other Side3:34

4Live Nude Girls (London, England, 1985)McDog1:24

5The Popes (NC, 1989)The Cornerhouse4:54

6Leap Of Faith (NC, 1989)Overcome3:34

7Leaving Trains (Los Angeles, CA 1987)How Can I Explode1:25

8The Exploding White Mice (Adelaide, Australia)Blaze Of Glory3:01

9Del Fuegos (Boston, MA 1985)Don't Run Wild3:27

10The Sidewinders (Tuscon, AZ 1987)I'll Go Home2:24

11Floor Kiss (New York City, 1985)Romantic To Be Dead2:38

12The Twilight Idols (Hollywood, CA 1986)Let's Go3:35

13Easter (Torrance, CA 1987)Lights Out3:49

14New Johnny 5 (London, England 1985)One More Chance3:11

15The Balancing Act (Los Angeles, CA 1987)Whiskered Wife2:43

16Redd Kross (Hawthorne, CA 1987)Love Is You2:29

17Rank and File (Los Angeles, CA 1987)Golden Age4:20

18The Wind (Bavsido, NY 1984)Wake Up2:46

19Gigolo Aunts (Boston, MA 1990)I Am The Cosmos3:10

20The Fluid (Denver, CO 1988)Don't Wanna Play4:16

21Dumptruck (MA, 1987)Didn't Know3:05

22Alex Chilton (Memphis, TN 1987)Rubber Room5:19

23Died Pretty (Sydney, Australia 1985)Ambergris4:26

24Lask (Ludwigsburg, Germany 1984)Kleine Narkosen3:43


Frog said...

Hey, I'm the one who put all this together. Badger from Orbis Quintus told me you were asking about the compilations. Let me know if I can help somehow.

Son of Spam said...

Hi there, Frog:

Actually, I'd love to know a few things:

How you managed to put this all together...?

Did you create the album art yourself...?

Are there any other upcoming volumes...?

I wish I had more information when I first posted these. I'd love to be able to expand on the "Story of 80s Nuggets".

Thanks for these, by the way.


Frog said...

Hi Son of Spam,
I'm a big fan of the Rhino's Nuggets series and I thought that the 80s deserve a similar type of compilation. If you make a quick judgement, a lot of folks has a common perception that the 80s were the "worst" decade for rock'n'roll, which I never agreed with. What happened in those years is that the major labels started merging and playing safe with their publications. So, in the post new wave situation, bands started putting their music out either on their own or on independent labels. I'm a very subjective fan of that scene, and I think it's not the worst, but the best musical period, or at least just as good as the other rock'n'roll decades. I thought, a compilation similar to Nuggets could put things where they are and re-evaluate the legacy of the 80s music scene.

In the mean time, I became a DJ at KLSU in Baton Rouge in Louisiana ( At one point somebody made a "brilliant" decision to throw away all the 80s college and independent vinyl that was sitting in the archive when they decided to remodel that floor of the building. It was a horrible decision for the radio station, but a great thing for DJs. One of the guys went to the garbage dump and rescued at least half a thousand if not more of those precious records. Since he did not know most of these records and knew about my obsession with that music, he offered a portion of those records to me after he graduated and decided to move away.

I was in heaven and I actually loved the fact that so many of these records were insanely rare. I was also excited to make a statement about letting those records go, so I played them regularly in my show, extending their life at KLSU.

So, now I had all the ingredients to make my own 80s Nuggets. But, I was a bit overwhelmed and I didn't act on that until I came across the amazing Hyped 2 Death compilations. I was also kind of mad because they did what I wanted before me. But then I quickly figured out that their period leans heavily toward the early 80s, and the vast majority from the KLSU "garbage" was the late 80s. That's when I decided to act and make my own first two parts of the compilation. That was in 2004. By 2005 I re-did the first two discs with a new record needle and added two more to the bunch. The last volume was made after Stinky Sono Buoni's death in the summer of 2006.

Originally, I kept them without a title or cover art, just on d-rs, listening to them in my office on my cd player. Then I decided to share them on Soulseek and when I thought about the title, I called them "80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum" so that they come up as search results when people ask for Nuggets or Hyped2Death. By the way, there was another Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum on Soulseek at the time, which I have nothing to do with.

After some positive response to the compilation, I went on and made several more parts. In the mean time, Rhino made their own wonderful official 80s Nuggets compilation and Michael Azzerad wrote "Out Band Could Be Your Life". Serious the-best-of 80s lists started appearing on various Internet sites and blogs. 80s were getting a re-evaluation that I always wanted to see.

I created the cover arts much much later on, actually last year, when a fried of mine complained the about the lack of them. Another friend wanted liner notes and biographies of all the bands involved. Well, that's where I draw the line - it's too much work. :)

I would love to do more volumes. I have number 9 in the works, but it's incomplete and I find it repetitive - I kind of dried up my sources, the new volume repeats too many of the performers from the earlier volumes. But I'll be adding songs as I go. I keep buying the 80s stuff all the time.

Son of Spam said...

WOW! What a great story!! :o)

Interesting you should mention Louisiana:

I was gonna post a couple of compilations I found on Soulseek called "Louisiana Punk Rock" and "N.O. Experience Necessary" sometime in the near future.

Love the story, Frog...when I get a chance, I'll update my posts with Tale Behind The 80's Nuggets, lol!

And thanks for being such a sport...some folks don't like to have their hard work featured like this.

Cheers, and good luck with Volume 9. I'm really looking forward to it.

BTW: when you say another 80's Nuggets out there on Soulseek, can you be more specific? Looks like I have the "Official" Unofficials, LOL!

slickdpdx said...

Ram balam balam ram bam bam!

Anonymous said...

You have Live Nude Girls and New Johnny 5 listed as London, England when in fact they were from Connecticut. Live Nude Girls from Lyme, Ct. Part of the "Towers of New London Vol. I", bands from the area of New London, CT, not England.

Anonymous said...