Friday, November 21, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 9

Yet another all UK volume.

Alternomen Unlimited 7" on Object Music (OM 06). Manchester '79

The Fridges 7" on Ink Ink Records (I.I.1). from? '80.

FLesh 7" on Dancing Industries (DI-01). from? '79.

Those Helicopters 7" on Bonaparte Records (Bone 4). Surrey '79.

Self Control 7" on Dancing Sideways Records (DS4X). London '81.

Orange Disaster 7" Neuter Records (OD-01). from? '80.

The Mothmen 7" on Absurd Records (Absurd # 6). from? '79

Treatment Room 7" on Plug Records 001. Newcastle '81.

Observers 7" on the S+T Label (ST2). from? '80.

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 9:

1Home ServiceWake-up!2:31

2Home ServiceAutomatic Daydream2:05

3Alternomen UnlimitedFacade3:41

4Alternomen UnlimitedForever and Ever2:01

5Alternomen UnlimitedConnections1:59

6The FridgesLin Freeze2:46

7The FridgesShower of B's2:05

8The FridgesThat's Why I Took Up the Harmonica2:13

9The FridgesNo Room2:01


11FleshMy Boy Lollipop3:36

12Those HellicoptersSouthcoast Towns3:26

13Those HellicoptersWorld Without Love1:43

14Those HellicoptersFlash Bernadette2:28

15Self ControlElectricity2:26

16Self ControlFalling4:12

17Orange DisasterSomething's Got to Give6:12

18Orange DisasterOut of the Room2:30

19Orange DisasterHiding from Frank4:19

20The MothmenDoes It Matter Irene?4:14

21The MothmenPlease Let Go4:48

22Treatment RoomShapes2:16

23Treatment RoomAwayday2:27

24ObserversThis Age3:31


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