Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Battered Wives' Cigarettes Reupped.

Thanks to Brian James who pointed out that my original post of this rare LP was down. 

I've re-upped it. 


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Circle C (a.k.a. ©)

This one's for Patrick Fiset.

Following the demise of the short-lived but highly controversial Slow after a trouser-dropping incident, vocalist Tom Anselmi and guitarist Christrian Thorvaldson teamed up with new bassist Eric Marxsen and drummer Pete Bourne.

The four-piece were initially known by several monikers: Flour, Mo and Christian Thor Valdson's Freeze-Dried Dog (yeah!).

Eventually, though, they settled on the copyright symbol. Thus they were known as ©. After much fanfare, David Geffen's DGC signed the group, and off to Wales they headed, to record their debut album with a big name producer (John Porter) and special guests.

Apparently realizing that such a name would be unpronounceable, the band opted to call themselves, "Circle C". (However, the copyright symbol -- the "©" as it were -- was retained as part of the band's self-titled debut.)

Anyway, after Geffen gave the band a six-figure advance, Anselmi et. al frittered it away in a haze of drug and drink. And when the album was released in 1991, it was met with critical acclaim and commercial apathy. Geffen dropped them.

Musically, the album is all over the place: showing glimmers of the past furious rock and roll and subtler, more beautiful pieces. The experience so disillusioned the band, that it took them six years to record another album (by which time they tried to further disassociate themselves from the debacle by changing their name to Copyright).

To Be Continued...

Circle C - © (1990):

1 Circle C The Climb 5:37
2 Circle C Epiphone Song 2:59
3 Circle C Dust 2:57
4 Circle C Odette 3:38
5 Circle C ? 3:58
6 Circle C Mission 6:40
7 Circle C State To State 3:52
8 Circle C R.S.V.P. 3:47
9 Circle C Vacation Song 2:30
10 Circle C The Wash 3:56