Wednesday, November 19, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 6

Mostly American groups, a couple from the UK and one from France.
All the bands which use drum machines, and a lot of synth action too.

Kate Fagan 7" on Disturbing Records (DR 92780). Chicago 1980.

X-Ray Pop 7" on MB5 (BO 0019). France 1985 or '84.

Idol Death 7" on Dispy (1234). London. 1980

Anomy 7" on Inner Landscapes. N.Y. 1981

Navastrau 7" on Disturbing Records (007049XB). Chicago 1980.

Urge 7" on Consumer Disks. U.K. 1980.

Science Patrol "Bandit Ducks From Outer Space" 7" on Zero Risk (001). San Francisco 1981.

Music For Millions 7" on Mu Mi (01). from ? 1981

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 6:

1Kate FaganI Don't Wanna Be Too Cool2:28

2Kate FaganWaiting For The Crisis2:15

3X-Ray PopAlcool2:34

4X-Ray PopAmazone2:47

5Idol DeathNew Lesson3:16

6Idol DeathSticky Death3:31

7NavastrauVergess Mir Nit3:02

8NavastrauNavastrau Theme1:55

9NavastrauLooking From An Airplane2:39

10NavastrauContinental Welcome2:20

11UrgeTeach Yourself Dutch4:31

12AnomyTVC 154:45

13AnomyLone Wolf6:17

14Science PatrolBandit Ducks From Outer Space7:54

15Science PatrolPop Abcd8:50

16Music For MillionsPrayertime3:44

17Music For MillionsShe's A Virgin3:17


rg said...

Now I finally have a copy of the material we did way back when.

Thank you for posting.

Rick [from Navastrau]

Sasha Russia said...

May you reup this and 7th and 3th comp? Thank you.