Saturday, December 4, 2010

(VA) Punk History Canada Presents: Only In Canada, Eh 77-81; Vol. 1

I wanted to post this for a long time, but seeing as I was a member of the now-seemingly orphaned Punk History website, I was reluctant to do so.  A lot of people put a lot of effort in putting out this excellent overview of Punk Rock and New Wave music between the aforementioned years.  It's now been 5 years since this was first released; despite my entreaties to the moderators of said site, I received no reply.  Therefore I'm taking license to post it here.  

In this collection you'll find artists from one end of Canada to the other (even Thunder Bay!).  It's been about two months since I posted anything of value, so I'm hoping this will sate your thirsty ears until I get back up and running on a (semi) regular schedule of updating this blog.  


(VA) Punk History Canada Presents: Only In Canada, Eh 77-81; Vol. 1:  

1House Of CommonsWay Down South2:35

2UnknownsTeenage Terrorist3:11

3D.O.A.Royal Police2:15

4Da SlymeCrazy Glue1:55

5WarsawDo Like The Natives3:33

6The ActionTV's On The Blink1:43

7Teenage HeadYou're Tearin' Me Apart2:41

8BureaucratsShe's An American2:35

9Zro4Gimme Attention1:43

1063 MonroeMedia Junkie3:15

11SlanderPetticoat Junction2:18

12The NegativesEchos4:01

13LowlifeThinking Naturally2:18

14SinnersNo Brains Required2:33


16Animal KingdonTension1:47

17Stark Naked And The FleshtonesI Broke Her Heart, She Broke My Arm3:06

18ExtrovertsLiving In Poverty3:31

19222'sHold Up2:14

20DiefenbakersColor TV2:21

21Gentlemen of HorrorOverhead Projector2:37

22NostrilsI'm Vile2:19

23Hot NastiesGet Away From Me2:14