Saturday, November 22, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 12

More U. S. of A. stuff.


Bay of Pigs 7" on Subterranean (Sub 5). Berkely '80

Pre Fix 7" on Subterranean (Sub 19). Berkely '81

Arkansaw Man 7" on Subterranean (Sub 41). San Francisco '83

Crazy Hearts 7" on Zoar Records (CH 21-21). NYC '82

Disturbed Furniture 7" on Disturbed Records. NYC '81

Sometimes Y 7" on Jane Bear Records (Y002). Madison '82

People in Stores 7" on Propeller Records (PROP 3). Allston, MA '81

Someone and the Somebodies 7" on Modern Method (MM 016). Boston '82

Wild Stares 7" on Propeller Records (PROP 11). Allston, MA '81

Limbo Race 7" on Limborations Records. Boston '83

The Flexables 7" on A.T.C. Records (ATC 9). Royal Oak, MI '81

The Rhythm Method 7" on Rhythm Records (909). NYC '79

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 12:

1Bay Of PigsAddiction3:08

2Bay Of PigsAliens3:38

3Pre FixUnderneathica3:00

4Pre FixEctomorphine3:09

5Arkansaw ManEvery Job2:21

6Arkansaw ManMark Twain4:50

7Crazy HeartsFour Minutes To Midnight4:55

8Crazy HeartsAdrenalin Control1:47

9Crazy HeartsL-I-G-H-T1:24

10Disturbed FurnitureInformation3:09

11Disturbed FurnitureAlous Allez2:36

12Sometimes YI.L.T. Smoke2:51

13Sometimes YCrazy Dancer2:07

14People In StoresMetaphor2:01

15People In StoresWhite Funk2:19

16Someone and The SomebodiesNewvo2:54

17Someone and The SomebodiesIan3:22

18Wild StaresNever Seen Before2:41

19Wild StaresYou2:51

20Limbo RaceSmall Talking3:50

21The FlexablesBirth Effect4:14

22The Rhythm MethodAlligators Have Fun5:15

23The Rhythm MethodRockin' Shack5:15