Saturday, January 31, 2009

(VA) 100 Hits: Hard 'N' Heavy

I found the track listing for this mad collection on various sites along the WWW. But every Rapidshare download link which was tantalizingly provided turned out to be nothing but a tease: the link was either deleted or it had expired.

So I painstakingly gathered all the listed tracks from my own collection, while trying to find the others I didn't have, through Soulseek, through internet searches, etc. After almost a week's worth of exploring, I was finally down to the last 5-7 songs, or so.

And wouldn't you know it: just as I'm finishing my last batch of downloads to artificially complete this collection, I actually found it on some obscure blog (whose name/address/URL escapes me). So I decided to post it here, if for nothing more than to make it easier for people searching for this thing to find.

About the artist and song selection: you'll find the usual suspects here: Judas Priest, Metallica, Anthrax, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Accept...But except for a few instances, you won't necessarily find the songs with which these artists are most identified (although there are a few of those -- you know what I mean). Then there's the cheesy '80s Hair Metal contingent (Mr. Big? Great White? Enuff Z'Nuff, for crying out loud?!!!). Still, even the song selection here is not the big radio hits but harder-edged stuff, which really works. Next, you'll also find some REALLY obscure stuff -- shit I'd never heard of: Impellitteri, Kreator, Gamma Ray, etc.

However, I was surprised (and in some cases disappointed) that I didn't hear any Iron Maiden...or Venom (how can you NOT have Venom on a collection called "Hard 'N' Heavy"?). I would have also liked to see some old Van Halen from their first album, on this. But that's neither here nor there. I've been playing this like crazy over the past week.

It's been mentioned once before, about why I don't post individual files for download. Well, with 100 songs, I seriously don't plan to. I used to do that with my previous blog and was asked why I don't just zip files. Makes sense to was too much of a pain in the ass to upload each file individually, anyway. Besides: how hard is it to just delete the songs you don't want?

For some reason, the track listing below is a bit out of whack, but they're all there.

(All 100 songs can be downloaded by clicking on the album cover above. If it's too slow, click on the links below.):

100 Hits 1-10

100 Hits 11-20

100 Hits 21-30

100 Hits 31-40

100 Hits 41-50

100 Hits 51-60

100 Hits 61-70

100 Hits 71-80

100 Hits 81-90

100 Hits 91-100

(VA) 100 Hits: Hard 'N' Heavy


2Ozzy OsbourneCrazy Train4:50

3DioWe Rock4:26

4Deep PurpleKnocking At Your Back Door7:04

5King KobraHunger3:24

6AC/DCHighway To Hell3:34

7RainbowTarot Woman6:10

8WarlockSign Of Satan3:15

9Black SabbathHeaven And Hell4:25

10Virgin SteeleI Will Come for You [Remastered]5:43

11Faith No MoreWar pigs7:46

12House Of LordsSlip Of The Tongue3:27

13AcceptLondon Leatherboys3:57

14MetallicaCrash Course In Brain Surgery3:10

15Ozzy OsbourneI Don’t Know5:10


17PossessedDeath Metal3:15

18SaxonPrincess Of The Night (live)5:15

19AlcatrazzJet To Jet4:27

20Night RangerSentimental Street4:10

21SoundgardenCome Together5:48

22Praying MantisThirty Pieces Of Silver3:53

23GirlschoolHit And Run3:02

24AcceptMetal Heart5:22

25AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap4:16


27KrokusStayed A Wake All Night4:43

28Black SabbathShock Wave5:14

29Deep PurpleBlack And White3:39

30Judas PriestBetter By You, Better Than Me2:59

31Great WhiteRock Me7:16

32SaxonWheels Of Steel5:58


34HelloweenA Tale That Wasn't Right4:43

35Celtic FrostCherry Orchards4:17

36OnslaughtLightning War6:55

37Joe SatrianiRide4:54

38AC/DCLet There Be Rock6:10

39L.A.GunsSex Action3:41

40HelloweenI Want Out4:38

41Ozzy OsbourneMr.Crowley4:56

42StryperTo Hell With The Devil4:05


44Deep PurpleCall Of The Wild4:50

45AcceptBalls To The Wall5:42

46RainbowDo You Close Your Eyes3:01

47Blue CheerNightmare5:03

48AC/DCTouch Too Much4:28

49Night RangerDon't Tell Me You Love Me4:20

50Black SabbathHard Road6:03

51AnthraxCaught In A Mosh4:58

52Lita FordBlueberry3:48

53Deep PurplePerfect Strangers5:28

54SaxonDenim and Leather5:26

55RainbowLost In Hollywood4:52

56Black SabbathAir Dance5:16

57AC/DCBack In Black4:16

58Ian GillanDon't Want The Truth5:40

59W.A.S.P.Wild Child5:11

60VoivodRavenous Medicine4:21

61Mr.BigHad Enough4:55

62Blue CheerGirl Next Door3:39

63SaxonMotorcycle Man3:59


65RainbowKill The King4:28

66Deep PurpleUnder The Gun4:38


68Vow WowHurricane5:28


70ImpellitteriGoodnight And Goodbye3:12

71KreatorFlag Of Hate4:38

72Enuff Z'NuffNew Thing4:21

73Motor Head & GirlschoolPlease Don't Touch2:50

74Deep PurpleNobody's Home4:00

75AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:36

76Mr.BigAddicted To That Rush4:45

77Damn YankeesHigh Enough4:44

78TotoGypsy Train6:46

79Gamma RayRich And Famous4:35

80AnthraxGot The Time2:44

81Guns N' RosesHair Of The Dog3:54

82AC/DCBig Gun4:21

83AerosmithHelter Skelter3:12

84Deep PurpleBreakfast In Bed5:13

85April Wine21st. Century Schizoid Man5:21

86VoivodThe Unknown Knows5:54

87RainbowAll Night Long3:50

88W.A.S.P.Jack Action4:17


90KreatorRipping Corpse3:38

91Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground3:22


93CoronerI Want You7:14



96Great WhiteFace The Day5:42

97CoronerPurple Haze3:19

98Deep PurpleThe Cut Runs Deep5:23


100Guns N' RosesLive And Let Die3:01

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Da Slyme (Re-Upped)

Kirt Cig-O-Via [Wallace Hammond] (guitar, vocals), Dr. No Moniker [Craig Squires] (drums, saxophone, vocals), Pasquali Neutron [Terry Carter] (drums, vocals), Goohaw Groon [George Smith] (bass, vocals), Dead Beat [Justin Hall] (drums), Pig Filthy (vocals, congas), Snotty Slyme (vocals, cowbell, tambourine), Magilla Buzz Saw (guitar), Stig Stilletto (guitar, vocals), Roscoe Santiago [Tony Richards] (drums, harmonica, vocals).

These were the goons who started as Tooloose and Da Slyme, at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada in 1977. They played around the city of St. John's until about 1984, when work and travel commitments spread them across North America.

In 1979, they released their first (only?) release. The first double-album by a band from Newfoundland...the first double album by a Canadian punk rock band...and likely the first double album by ANY punk rock band....Da Slyme took the DIY ethos to the extreme: they didn't press their own album covers...they simply took other albums and spray painted over them (an example of which you'll find above). Various songs are recorded live, others were done in the studio.

In 1999, they reunited and released The 20 Year Scam.

(Click On The Album Cover To Download)

Da Slyme (1979):

Side 1

1Da SlymePiss-Eyed Sleazoid1:13

2Da SlymeRocket In My Pocket0:57

3Da SlymeMy Only Concern Is...1:01

4Da SlymeAin't Got No IQ0:55

5Da SlymeI Wanna Pick My Nose0:35

6Da SlymeOne Chord Punk Rock Song0:30

7Da SlymeKill Frank Moores1:25

8Da SlymeTrudeau Sucks0:56

9Da SlymeDefacation On The Nation1:06

10Da SlymeSqueeze My Blackheads Uh Huh2:34

11Da SlymeBrewers Droop1:07

12Da SlymeTough Luck Young Buck2:42

13Da SlymeEat My Shorts If You Love Me1:29

14Da SlymeAs Far As We're Concerned5:25

Side 2

1Da SlymePiss Eyed Sleazoid1:31

2Da SlymeRat Shop Blues3:13

3Da SlymeTanya What Ya Doin Wit Dat Seal3:47

4Da SlymeNewfie Rastaman5:09

5Da SlymeKickin Till I Die2:43

6Da SlymeCrazy Glue1:53

7Da SlymeMedley: The Ode To Joe Brickwall / I Ain't Got No I.Q. / Eat My Shorts / Joe Brickwall Reprise5:36

Side 3

1Da SlymeR. Refuse Intros1:51

2Da SlymeTruck Stop Nun2:51

3Da SlymePig Filthy Eaters1:05

4Da SlymeDefacation On The Nation1:21

5Da SlymeOne Chord Punk Rock Song0:14

6Da SlymeR. Refuse Intros Again0:47

7Da SlymeSpoken 13:19

8Da SlymeTanya What Ya Doin With Dat Seal4:11

9Da SlymeSpoken 21:09

10Da SlymeMy Only Concern1:26

11Da SlymeDevils Out3:55

Side 4

1Da SlymeRadio Junkie3:00

2Da SlymeR. Refuse Intros1:09

3Da SlymePon Rumphrey Song3:05

4Da SlymeSpoken 12:17

5Da SlymeAnarchy-Baby-Mother-Daddy-O-Dig3:14

6Da SlymeSpoken 20:49

7Da SlymeMy Mind Is Shot1:53

8Da SlymeSpoken 30:54

9Da SlymeKill Frank Moores3:35

10Da SlymeThe Break Song1:02

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tokyo Rockers/Tokyo New Wave 79

On January 21, 1979 a group of Japanese bands reportedly got together to record an independent album called Tokyo New Wave ‘79.

On May 11, 1979 another group of Japanese bands held a series of live performances, in Shinjuku: a ward of Tokyo. The recording of these performances was released as Live Tokyo Rockers ‘79.

Other than that, I don’t know much else about the two albums.

(VA) Live Tokyo Rockers 79 (1979):

1FrictionSenaka No Code3:03

2FrictionCool Fool3:23

3Mr KiteExit B-94:22

4Lizard!Robot Love2:08



7MirrorsTokyo Network4:44

8Mr. KiteInnocent4:51

9S-KenBlack Machine3:23

10S-KenAa koibito ~ Oo yure! Tokyo3:46

(VA) Tokyo New Wave (1979):

1SexTV Easy3:51

2SexThe Fragment of Murioku No Kakera5:08




6PainRefuse Night4:12

7Mannequin Ningyou (Mannequin Doll)3:02

8Kurai Tokoro E2:43

9City Boy3:24

10BorushiRobot In Hospital3:59

11BorushiClockwork Arts3:59

12BorushiNostalgic Boy2:24