Monday, November 10, 2008

'80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum - Vol. 4 (Redux)

Another volume in this massive collection. I've learned that these collections were lovingly assembled by someone by the name of "Stanislav".

Thanks, Stan!

(VA) '80s Nuggets Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addencum Vol. 4

1True West (Davis, CA 1984)Look Around4:28

2Idiogen (Koper, Yugoslavia 1987)Drive You Mad4:20

3Offbeats (Cleveland, OH 1986)Ain't This Life1:13

4Divine Horsemen (Los Angeles 1984)Frankie Silver3:49

5Happy Family (Austin, TX 1990)Eight Good Reasons2:25

6Hege V (Winton Salem, NC 1987)Hard Way2:06

7The Last (Los Angeles, CA 1989)Assembly Line3:27

8Lord John (Holmdel, NJ 1986)Blue And Green2:30

9Velvet Elvis (Lexington, KY 1988)What In The World2:47

10Mood Six (London, England 1985)I Wanna Destroy You2:33

11Volcano Suns (Boston, MA 1989)Needles In The Camel's Eye2:30

12All (Lomita, CA 1988)I Hate to Love1:49

13The Mighty Mofos (Minneapolis, MN 1986)I Need You2:19

14The Movie Stars (San Francisco, CA 1989)Words2:45

15Jon and the Nightriders (Maybe California 1984)Hit Man3:20

16The Nils (Montreal, Canada 1987)Truce1:44

17The Catheads (San Francisco, CA 1987)Victim2:58

18Miranda Warning (Lowell, MA 1991)Missed Opportunities3:00

19Lord Boy (New York City 1988)War The American Dream1:31

20The Death Folk (Los Angeles, CA 1989)Yellow 10:00

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