Tuesday, November 18, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 5

This volume features all DIY UK bands. The sound this time is more classically Post-Punk.
Some are weirder (Cry Shark, Naffis). and others poppy (Cubs B-Side, Ersatz B-side).

Manic Leisure 7" on Madame K Records (k001). London, 198?

The Vincent Units 7" on Y Records (y8). UK, 198?

Three Times A Day 7" on Abstact Records (ABS003). London, 1981.

Cry Shark 7" on Radical Wallpaper Records (RADWALL002). London, 1981.

The Naffis 7" on Absurd Records (no.8), later on Relentless. Manchester, 1979.

Ersatz 7" on Leisure Sounds (srs32). Cambridge, 1980. Same label as Dogma Cats/Dogmatic Duo.

The Colors Out Of Time 7" on ,Monsters In Orbit Records (TVEye 1). Manchester 1981.

Sinking Ships 7" on Dead Good/Stark Products (Dead14/Stark2).UK, 1980.

The Cubs 7" on City Lights (Watt 1). UK, 1980.

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 5:

1Manic LeisureLeaving Home3:14

2Manic LeisureThat Heartbeat5:39

3Manic LeisureCold Days3:20

4Manic LeisureMiro3:49

5The Vincent UnitsCarnival Song3:32

6The Vincent UnitsMartini1:35

7The Vincent UnitsEverything's Going To Be All Wrong1:00

8Three Times A DayX-Ray2:13

9Three Times A DayI Crave To Be A Hermaphrodite2:46

10Three Times A DayStorm3:14

11Cry SharkProtect and Survive4:33

12Cry SharkOne Phone Call2:15

13The NaffisSlice Two4:18

14The NaffisSlice One2:21

15ErsatzSmile In Shadow4:03

16ErsatzHouse Of Cards3:36

17The Colors Out Of TimeRock Section3:48

18The Colors Out Of TimeMambo Girls Mambo3:02

19The Colors Out Of TimeDancing With Joy5:39

20Sinking ShipsThe Cinema Clock4:09

21Sinking ShipsStrangers2:50

22The CubsCarrier3:14

23The CubsA Dance To Forget3:04

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