Thursday, November 20, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 7

Another volume of All-American stuff.

Touch Tones 7" on Touch Tones Tunes. ???

G-Spot 7". Dallas, TX, 1984

F-Systems 7" on Classified Records. Austin, TX, 1980

Pope Paul Pot 7" on No Fidelity (NF002). Berkeley, CA, 1981

Uncommited 7" on Modern Method. Cambridge, MA, 1980

SEC 7" on Publick Domain Records. Mercerville, NJ, 1982

Ortho-Tonics 7" on Artifacts Records. Richmond, VA, 1981

Public Servants 7" on J. Edible Music. NYC, 1980

BOB 7" on Dumb Records (0400). San Francisco, 1980

Westside Lockers 7" on Mr. Brown Records. Olympia, WA, 1980

Immune System 7" (IS 001). Chicago, 1979

Sharks 7" on LList Records. Harrisburg, PA, 1982

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 7:

1Touch TonesSorry We're Passe2:44

2Touch TonesPeoples1:54

3G-SpotPoor Little Rich Girl2:19

4G-SpotIdle Worship3:02


6F-SystemsNaked Kiss3:51

7Pope Paul PotPlastic TV Land on Acid2:14

8Pope Paul PotAcid TV Land on Plastic2:57

9Pope Paul PotThis is Your Leader2:08

10Pope Paul PotKKK Carolina on My Mind3:13

11UncommitedItaly's Underground Economy4:16

12UncommitedMaximum Tumescence in Repose2:30

13UncommitedNo Delicate Redhead1:35

14SECUS Steal3:39


16Ortho-TonicsDoo Doo Cars3:14

17Ortho-TonicsWoman Fish2:58

18Public ServantsJungle Hotel5:00

19BOBThe Things that You Do3:11

20Westside LockersFuchsia Rayon2:04

21Westside LockersSong for America4:04

22Immune SystemSubmerged3:25

23Immune SystemAmbivalence & Spark Plugs2:57



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