Thursday, November 13, 2008

'80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum - Vol. 7

...Is there no end, to all this great stuff?

(VA) '80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum -- Vol. 7:

1Kimberley Rew with The Soft Boys (1982 Cambridge, England)Stomping All Over The World2:19

2The Dangtrippers (1989 Iowa City, IA)Freudian Slip2:15

3Furlongs (Berkeley, CA 1988)Look It Up 3:08

4Bif Bang Pow (London, England 1986)Love's Going Out Of Fashion 3:18

5The Reducers (1985 England)Blowing The Whistle On Your Friends2:10

6Tad (1989 Seattle, WA)Cyanide Bath3:30

7Solomon Grundy (Seattle, WA 1989)A Little While4:24

8Volcano Suns (1987 Boston, MA)Offsprinds3:31

9TVBC (1987 Minneapolis, MN)Forsake Me Not3:00

10Vacant Lot (1985 England)Athena3:36

11Woodentops (1986 Northhampton, England)It WIll Come3:21

12Bedlam Rovers (1990 San Francisco, CA)Tear Gas Y Coke1:47

13Paisley Jungle (1985 England)We Don't Twist2:51

14Meat Whiplash (England 1986)Don't Slip Up3:13

15John Thomas Griffith (1988 New Orleans, LA)Son of An Engeneer2:42

16Dash Rip Rock (1989 New Orleans, LA)Leave Me Alone With My Bottle2:31

17Charlie Pickett (Dania, FL 1986)On Horseback3:52

18X (1987 Sydney, AustraliaDream Baby3:13

19The Pony (1987 Melbourne, Australia)Chaotic2:49

20The Weather Prophets (London, England 1986)Worm In My Brain3:43

21Alex Marquez (Athens, GA 1987)The End5:00

22Bobby Sutliff (1987 Jackson, MS)Stupid Idea3:20

23The Dangtrippers (1989 Iowa City, IA)When Time Runs Out2:19

24House of Freaks (1989 Richmond, WA)Forty Years3:24

25The Whales (1985 England)For What It's Worth3:27

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