Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Various Artists: Time Machine - The History Of Canadian 60s Garage Punk And Surf (1985-95)


A rather confusing album title; you see the parentheses, Time Machine - The History of Canadian 60's Garage Punk and Surf (1985-95) features the best of Canada's Garage Rock Revival bands of the 80s and early 90s.

I wish I knew more about it, other than it's a great collection of the genres you see listed here.


(VA) Time Machine:The History Of Canadian 60's Garage Punk And Surf (1985-95): (1996)

1The MongolsNautoloid Reef2:07

2The GruesomesWay Down Below2:19

3The WorstI Don't Want You1:41

4The AstronutsMontezuma2:05

5The CrypticsYou're Evil3:13

6The ChessmenTime Machine2:22

7The SurfdustersThe Reef2:28

8The Ten CommandmentsNot True3:05

9Shadowy Men On A Shadowy PlanetBennett Cerf1:34

10The SherlocksStefany3:55

11The VindicatorsThinking Of Birds3:17

12Les MinstrelsLes Grands M├ęchands Loups3:32

13Fuzz AldrinTrailer Park3:19

14The FiendsGravedigger2:37

15The Night StalkersLove to You2:49

16The 14th WrayYour Face Is On My Mind3:13

17Drums Along The GardinerFish3:11

18The GruesomesWhat's Your Problem3:08

19Lost PatrolCommanche1:30

20The CheshyresToo Many Women2:26

21The BeaumontsShe Treats Me Right3:09

22The TreblemakersThe Grudge1:42

23The Polyester ExplosionMadeline4:06

24Huevos RancherosRaunchy1:42

25The SmugglersThat's Is Rock 'N' Roll2:20

26Platon Et Les CavesVivre Avec Toi2:08

27The Upper Crust(We're The) Upper Crust2:13

28The Frat KingsB.M.O.C.2:45

Monday, November 24, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 17

All American. All 1981.

Paper Faces 7" on Family Only (PF-01). 1981, Buffalo, NY.

Head Cheese 7" on Burn Potential. 1981, Philadelphia?.

Christian Lunch 7" on Alternative Tentacles (VIRUS 11). 1981, California.

Nu Beams 7" on House of Ted (Nu-1). 1981, Costa Mesa, CA.

Von Beat 7" on VVV (vvv 0008). 1981?, Dallas, TX.

Poptronix 7" on KLANG! Records (PX-001). 1981, New Jersey?.

Felix Culpa 7" on Hacienda records. 1981, Forestville, CA.

Lee Negin 7" on Passing Phase records (A22-121). 1981, Brighton, MI.

The Pool 7" on Maverick records (M45-001). 1981, Austin, TX.

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 17:

1Paper FacesRiding A Bomb3:34

2Paper FacesDeep Sleep4:12

3Head CheeseTeenage Idol1:46

4Head CheeseNon-Melodic2:28

5Head CheeseJungle Jam3:44

6Christian LunchAnimal Life4:19

7Christian LunchBauhaus Retreads2:33

8Christian LunchPogo Music2:25

9Christian LunchTears F.J.W.3:39

10Nu BeamsOne Step For What?3:09

11Nu BeamsSterile Swab2:53

12Von BeatSynthetic Environment3:02

13Von BeatOf Course I Care2:45

14PoptronixTV Programmed TV Set3:20

15PoptronixWar Of Crime4:10

16Felix CulpaTerrorist Love Tourist3:18

17Felix CulpaWe Don't Sleep Together2:27

18Lee NeginNothing Goes Right3:57

19Lee NeginWired For Sound5:39

20The PoolSing4:37

Sunday, November 23, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 13

Here's yet another all-UK volume of stuff.

Ex Post Facto 7" on Yin Yang, Liverpool '81

Home Service 7" on Crystal Groove (7s:3). London '80

Louder Animal Group 7" on Ears Pop (POP 701). Brighton '80

London Underground 7" on Situation:2 (SIT9). '81

Take It 7" on Fresh Hold (FHR1). Hornsey '80

Big Hair 7" on Fresh (Fresh 19). London '80

Delmontes 7" on Rational Records (Rate3). Edinburgh '81

35mm Dreams 7" on (ASA 200). Edinburgh '82

IQ Zero 7" on Phoney-Gram Records. Lancshire'80

Jo Callis 7" on S.H.A.K.E. Project (Pop 012).

The 80's 7" on R.E.E.L. Records (LUV12). '79

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 13:

1Ex Post FactoEx Post Facto2:50

2Ex Post FactoMoney3:04

3Home ServiceThin Hours2:03

4Home ServiceThe New Age Elite Corps2:52

5Louder Animal GroupSix Magnificent Cathedrals4:40

6Louder Animal GroupPip Pop3:16

7London UndergroundTrain Of Thought4:12

8London UndergroundAll Too Many4:02

9Take ItTwenty Lines2:43

10Take ItArmchairs2:02

11Take ItTrends and Relations2:39

12Big HairPuppet On A String2:54

13Big HairLies3:36

14DelmontesSo It's Not To Be2:26

15DelmontesDon't Cry Your Tears3:41

1635MM DreamsFasten Your Safety Belts2:16

1735MM DreamsCostorphine3:36

1835MM DreamsInstomatic Dance1:45

19IQ ZeroCrazy Dolls2:39

20IQ ZeroShe's So Rare2:45

21Jo CallisDodo Boys2:44

22The 80'sNormal3:18

23The 80'sCute in a Suit2:19

Saturday, November 22, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 12

More U. S. of A. stuff.


Bay of Pigs 7" on Subterranean (Sub 5). Berkely '80

Pre Fix 7" on Subterranean (Sub 19). Berkely '81

Arkansaw Man 7" on Subterranean (Sub 41). San Francisco '83

Crazy Hearts 7" on Zoar Records (CH 21-21). NYC '82

Disturbed Furniture 7" on Disturbed Records. NYC '81

Sometimes Y 7" on Jane Bear Records (Y002). Madison '82

People in Stores 7" on Propeller Records (PROP 3). Allston, MA '81

Someone and the Somebodies 7" on Modern Method (MM 016). Boston '82

Wild Stares 7" on Propeller Records (PROP 11). Allston, MA '81

Limbo Race 7" on Limborations Records. Boston '83

The Flexables 7" on A.T.C. Records (ATC 9). Royal Oak, MI '81

The Rhythm Method 7" on Rhythm Records (909). NYC '79

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 12:

1Bay Of PigsAddiction3:08

2Bay Of PigsAliens3:38

3Pre FixUnderneathica3:00

4Pre FixEctomorphine3:09

5Arkansaw ManEvery Job2:21

6Arkansaw ManMark Twain4:50

7Crazy HeartsFour Minutes To Midnight4:55

8Crazy HeartsAdrenalin Control1:47

9Crazy HeartsL-I-G-H-T1:24

10Disturbed FurnitureInformation3:09

11Disturbed FurnitureAlous Allez2:36

12Sometimes YI.L.T. Smoke2:51

13Sometimes YCrazy Dancer2:07

14People In StoresMetaphor2:01

15People In StoresWhite Funk2:19

16Someone and The SomebodiesNewvo2:54

17Someone and The SomebodiesIan3:22

18Wild StaresNever Seen Before2:41

19Wild StaresYou2:51

20Limbo RaceSmall Talking3:50

21The FlexablesBirth Effect4:14

22The Rhythm MethodAlligators Have Fun5:15

23The Rhythm MethodRockin' Shack5:15

Friday, November 21, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 9

Yet another all UK volume.

Alternomen Unlimited 7" on Object Music (OM 06). Manchester '79

The Fridges 7" on Ink Ink Records (I.I.1). from? '80.

FLesh 7" on Dancing Industries (DI-01). from? '79.

Those Helicopters 7" on Bonaparte Records (Bone 4). Surrey '79.

Self Control 7" on Dancing Sideways Records (DS4X). London '81.

Orange Disaster 7" Neuter Records (OD-01). from? '80.

The Mothmen 7" on Absurd Records (Absurd # 6). from? '79

Treatment Room 7" on Plug Records 001. Newcastle '81.

Observers 7" on the S+T Label (ST2). from? '80.

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 9:

1Home ServiceWake-up!2:31

2Home ServiceAutomatic Daydream2:05

3Alternomen UnlimitedFacade3:41

4Alternomen UnlimitedForever and Ever2:01

5Alternomen UnlimitedConnections1:59

6The FridgesLin Freeze2:46

7The FridgesShower of B's2:05

8The FridgesThat's Why I Took Up the Harmonica2:13

9The FridgesNo Room2:01


11FleshMy Boy Lollipop3:36

12Those HellicoptersSouthcoast Towns3:26

13Those HellicoptersWorld Without Love1:43

14Those HellicoptersFlash Bernadette2:28

15Self ControlElectricity2:26

16Self ControlFalling4:12

17Orange DisasterSomething's Got to Give6:12

18Orange DisasterOut of the Room2:30

19Orange DisasterHiding from Frank4:19

20The MothmenDoes It Matter Irene?4:14

21The MothmenPlease Let Go4:48

22Treatment RoomShapes2:16

23Treatment RoomAwayday2:27

24ObserversThis Age3:31


Thursday, November 20, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 7

Another volume of All-American stuff.

Touch Tones 7" on Touch Tones Tunes. ???

G-Spot 7". Dallas, TX, 1984

F-Systems 7" on Classified Records. Austin, TX, 1980

Pope Paul Pot 7" on No Fidelity (NF002). Berkeley, CA, 1981

Uncommited 7" on Modern Method. Cambridge, MA, 1980

SEC 7" on Publick Domain Records. Mercerville, NJ, 1982

Ortho-Tonics 7" on Artifacts Records. Richmond, VA, 1981

Public Servants 7" on J. Edible Music. NYC, 1980

BOB 7" on Dumb Records (0400). San Francisco, 1980

Westside Lockers 7" on Mr. Brown Records. Olympia, WA, 1980

Immune System 7" (IS 001). Chicago, 1979

Sharks 7" on LList Records. Harrisburg, PA, 1982

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 7:

1Touch TonesSorry We're Passe2:44

2Touch TonesPeoples1:54

3G-SpotPoor Little Rich Girl2:19

4G-SpotIdle Worship3:02


6F-SystemsNaked Kiss3:51

7Pope Paul PotPlastic TV Land on Acid2:14

8Pope Paul PotAcid TV Land on Plastic2:57

9Pope Paul PotThis is Your Leader2:08

10Pope Paul PotKKK Carolina on My Mind3:13

11UncommitedItaly's Underground Economy4:16

12UncommitedMaximum Tumescence in Repose2:30

13UncommitedNo Delicate Redhead1:35

14SECUS Steal3:39


16Ortho-TonicsDoo Doo Cars3:14

17Ortho-TonicsWoman Fish2:58

18Public ServantsJungle Hotel5:00

19BOBThe Things that You Do3:11

20Westside LockersFuchsia Rayon2:04

21Westside LockersSong for America4:04

22Immune SystemSubmerged3:25

23Immune SystemAmbivalence & Spark Plugs2:57


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 6

Mostly American groups, here...plus a couple from the UK and one from France.
All the bands which use drum machines, and a lot of synth action too.

Kate Fagan 7" on Disturbing Records (DR 92780). Chicago 1980.

X-Ray Pop 7" on MB5 (BO 0019). France 1985 or '84.

Idol Death 7" on Dispy (1234). London. 1980

Anomy 7" on Inner Landscapes. N.Y. 1981

Navastrau 7" on Disturbing Records (007049XB). Chicago 1980.

Urge 7" on Consumer Disks. U.K. 1980.

Science Patrol "Bandit Ducks From Outer Space" 7" on Zero Risk (001). San Francisco 1981.

Music For Millions 7" on Mu Mi (01). from ? 1981

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 6:

1Kate FaganI Don't Wanna Be Too Cool2:28

2Kate FaganWaiting For The Crisis2:15

3X-Ray PopAlcool2:34

4X-Ray PopAmazone2:47

5Idol DeathNew Lesson3:16

6Idol DeathSticky Death3:31

7NavastrauVergess Mir Nit3:02

8NavastrauNavastrau Theme1:55

9NavastrauLooking From An Airplane2:39

10NavastrauContinental Welcome2:20

11UrgeTeach Yourself Dutch4:31

12AnomyTVC 154:45

13AnomyLone Wolf6:17

14Science PatrolBandit Ducks From Outer Space7:54

15Science PatrolPop Abcd8:50

16Music For MillionsPrayertime3:44

17Music For MillionsShe's A Virgin3:17

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 5

This volume features all DIY UK bands. The sound this time is more classically Post-Punk.
Some are weirder (Cry Shark, Naffis). and others poppy (Cubs B-Side, Ersatz B-side).

Manic Leisure 7" on Madame K Records (k001). London, 198?

The Vincent Units 7" on Y Records (y8). UK, 198?

Three Times A Day 7" on Abstact Records (ABS003). London, 1981.

Cry Shark 7" on Radical Wallpaper Records (RADWALL002). London, 1981.

The Naffis 7" on Absurd Records (no.8), later on Relentless. Manchester, 1979.

Ersatz 7" on Leisure Sounds (srs32). Cambridge, 1980. Same label as Dogma Cats/Dogmatic Duo.

The Colors Out Of Time 7" on ,Monsters In Orbit Records (TVEye 1). Manchester 1981.

Sinking Ships 7" on Dead Good/Stark Products (Dead14/Stark2).UK, 1980.

The Cubs 7" on City Lights (Watt 1). UK, 1980.

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 5:

1Manic LeisureLeaving Home3:14

2Manic LeisureThat Heartbeat5:39

3Manic LeisureCold Days3:20

4Manic LeisureMiro3:49

5The Vincent UnitsCarnival Song3:32

6The Vincent UnitsMartini1:35

7The Vincent UnitsEverything's Going To Be All Wrong1:00

8Three Times A DayX-Ray2:13

9Three Times A DayI Crave To Be A Hermaphrodite2:46

10Three Times A DayStorm3:14

11Cry SharkProtect and Survive4:33

12Cry SharkOne Phone Call2:15

13The NaffisSlice Two4:18

14The NaffisSlice One2:21

15ErsatzSmile In Shadow4:03

16ErsatzHouse Of Cards3:36

17The Colors Out Of TimeRock Section3:48

18The Colors Out Of TimeMambo Girls Mambo3:02

19The Colors Out Of TimeDancing With Joy5:39

20Sinking ShipsThe Cinema Clock4:09

21Sinking ShipsStrangers2:50

22The CubsCarrier3:14

23The CubsA Dance To Forget3:04

Monday, November 17, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 3

Once again, continuing on the Atomic Shockwaves theme...

This volume contains all American bands, containing Synth-Punk, Minimal Synth and DIY Electronics.

Industry 12" on Metro Records. Little Neck, NY, 1980

Observers Observing Observables 7" on Hardly Music. Indianapolis, IN, 1980

Delta 7" on Classified Records. Austin, TX, 1981

Mechanical Servants 'Min X Match' 12" on Mystery Toast. Saratoga Springs, NY, 1980

The Spanish Dogs 'Meet The Spanish Dogs' 7" on Ruff Ken. Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1981

Last Four (4) Digits 'Big Picture EP' 7" on hardly music. Indianapolis, IN, 1980

Chinas Comidas 7" on Exquisite Corpse. Seattle, WA, 1979

Monitor 7" on World Imitation Productions. California, 1979

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 3:

1IndustryLogging Time1:56

2IndustryCaribbean Cruise2:22


4IndustryReady For The Wave3:54

5IndustryProduction Goes On2:34

6Observers Observing ObservablesWatch Out For The Other Guy2:07

7Observers Observing ObservablesBabaloo No More1:51

8Observers Observing ObservablesExpiration Date + Remodel Yourself4:06

9DeltaMr. E Chaos3:06

10DeltaDiagrams Of Women2:36

11Mechanical ServantsAround The World3:28

12Mechanical ServantsStudy Up3:43

13Mechanical ServantsProblem, What Problem?3:35

14Mechanical ServantsResponsateen5:17

15The Spanish DogsAtomic Shockwaves2:36

16The Spanish DogsGot A Problem?2:35

17The Spanish DogsSaltine Crackers1:46

18The Spanish DogsCleveland2:39

19Last Four (4) DigitsFast Friends3:35

20Last Four (4) DigitsCoughing Up Blood2:07

21Last Four (4) DigitsCity Streets2:25

22Last Four (4) DigitsAnother Sex Crime4:35

23Chinas ComidasPeasant-Slave2:11

24Chinas ComidasLover-Lover2:29


26MonitorPet Wedding2:11

Sunday, November 16, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 2

Continuing my thematic theme (is that a redundancy?), I'm posting herewith a series of DIY Post-Punk collections, called Atomic Shockwaves.

In this series, you'll hear shades of Joy Division, homages to Public Image Ltd., paeons to early Human League, OMD and the like.

Often, this sounds like one of those Messthetics-type DIY collections, where the music is identifiably low-tech. Other times, you'll hear better production values (don't worry...none of that "Wall of Sound" stuff).

For some reason, there are no Atomic Shockwaves - Vols. 1, 4, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15 or 16 that I could find. And there's no information on the internet about this collection.

My guess is, this was put together by some music fan out there (hence the DIY qualifier). There were no album covers that I could find, either. I had to make up my own. They're not as good looking as whoever created the album art for the Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum series I posted last week.

But hey...I was usually in a hurry, when I created them. (Aah, Time Management: A skill I never mastered).

Anyway, let's start numerically with Volume 2 (WTF???).

This is an all UK collection; mostly from 1979, but some from 1980.

Reluctant Stereotypes 7" on Oval Records (Oval 1013). 1979, Manchester.

Cardiac Arrest 7" on Torch Records (Torch 002). 1979, Surrey.

Colortapes 7" on Wavelength Records (HURT 4). 1979, Bristol.

Hardware 7" on (N.A.R.C. Records 001). 1979, Cheltenham.

The Insex 7" on Dining Out (Tux 3). 1979.

Neu Electrikk on Synesthia Records (Syn 1). 1980, London.

Self Control 7" on Dancing Sideways Records (DS2X). 1980, London.

Strangers In The night 7" on Dancing Sideways Records (DS3X). 1980, London.

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 2:

1Reluctant StereotypesThe Lull3:00

2Reluctant StereotypesThe Rounds4:02

3Cardiac ArrestA Bus For A Bus On The Bus4:33

4Cardiac ArrestA Cake For Bertie's Party3:15

5Cardiac ArrestFood On The Wall1:06

6ColortapesCold Anger2:51

7ColortapesLeaves Of China3:48



10HardwareSpeed Unit4:27

11HardwareWall To Wall3:37

12The InsexFractured Vision3:31

13Neu ElectrikkCover Girl3:24

14Neu ElectrikkPractically Isolate2:44

15Neu ElectrikkConverse Of Tapes0:50

16Neu ElectrikkHand2:14

17Self ControlAll You Can Hear3:37

18Self ControlCurrent Affairs1:41

19Self ControlThe Drug2:15

20Self ControlElastic3:45

21Strangers In The NightI Drowned2:59

22Strangers In The NightNew York In The Dark3:27

Friday, November 14, 2008

'80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum - Vol. 8

Well, my friends...we've come to the end of an era. I cannot seem to find any more of these great collections. But apparently, we may be in for more. I saw on another blog , that the person who created this series MAY have more in the works. But I don't know. 

(I have since learned that the creator of this series is one "Stanislav".  Please read the story of how and why he managed to put together this awesome set in the comments below.)

Again, I just want to say thank you!

1Mad Daddys (Bonton, NJ 1985)Come With Me3:07

2Green On Red (Tuscon, AZ 1983)5 Easy Pieces2:23

3Moving Targets (Boston, MA 1986)The Other Side3:34

4Live Nude Girls (London, England, 1985)McDog1:24

5The Popes (NC, 1989)The Cornerhouse4:54

6Leap Of Faith (NC, 1989)Overcome3:34

7Leaving Trains (Los Angeles, CA 1987)How Can I Explode1:25

8The Exploding White Mice (Adelaide, Australia)Blaze Of Glory3:01

9Del Fuegos (Boston, MA 1985)Don't Run Wild3:27

10The Sidewinders (Tuscon, AZ 1987)I'll Go Home2:24

11Floor Kiss (New York City, 1985)Romantic To Be Dead2:38

12The Twilight Idols (Hollywood, CA 1986)Let's Go3:35

13Easter (Torrance, CA 1987)Lights Out3:49

14New Johnny 5 (London, England 1985)One More Chance3:11

15The Balancing Act (Los Angeles, CA 1987)Whiskered Wife2:43

16Redd Kross (Hawthorne, CA 1987)Love Is You2:29

17Rank and File (Los Angeles, CA 1987)Golden Age4:20

18The Wind (Bavsido, NY 1984)Wake Up2:46

19Gigolo Aunts (Boston, MA 1990)I Am The Cosmos3:10

20The Fluid (Denver, CO 1988)Don't Wanna Play4:16

21Dumptruck (MA, 1987)Didn't Know3:05

22Alex Chilton (Memphis, TN 1987)Rubber Room5:19

23Died Pretty (Sydney, Australia 1985)Ambergris4:26

24Lask (Ludwigsburg, Germany 1984)Kleine Narkosen3:43