Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When Politics Was Punk

For political junkies, the name Warren Kinsella will be familiar.

He was the Liberal Party of Canada's attack-dog, also known as "Canada's James Carville".

But long before became a Liberal Party strategist, a teenage Kinsella from Calgary, Alberta, Canada got together with his friends Alan McDonald and Pierre Schenk, to form a punk rock band called The Social Blemishes. In 1977, they changed their name to the Hot Nasties, purportedly taken from a XXX film.

In 1980, they released the Invasion Of The Tribbles EP, on Kinsella's own Social Blemish label. They later released an album's length of material on cassette.

In1981, the band called it a day. But in 1994, punk rock historian Frank Manley included it on the Canadian punk rock discography, Smash The State Vol. 1.

In 2005, Kinsella had a new band called Shit From Hell, which performs some covers of The Hot Nasties. Meanwhile, Narduwar The Human Serviette's band, The Evaporators, covered "Barney Rubble Is My Double" for an album.

1Hot NastiesBarney Rubble Is My Double1:44

2Hot NastiesI Am a Confused Teenager1:48

3Hot NastiesInvasion Of The Tribbles!3:42

4Hot NastiesKill Me If You Can1:47

5Hot NastiesThis Is Unlove2:40

6Hot NastiesVlad Ersatz Poet1:22

7Hot NastiesNasties Theme0:46

8Hot NastiesSteppin' Stone2:41

9Hot NastiesOllie Smith1:58

10Hot NastiesTeenage Lament (Live)2:16

11Hot NastiesLookin' 4 U (Live)2:08

12Hot NastiesSeven Years Old (Live)2:30

13Hot NastiesHey Guys1:16

14Hot NastiesJah Tribble Heavy Dub1:16

15Hot NastiesOctober Seven-Oh3:12

16Hot NastiesGetawayfromme2:14

17Hot NastiesFashion Show (Live)3:07

18Hot NastiesDo You Know (Live)2:44

19Hot NastiesSecret of Immortality3:55


Dave said...

Thanks for posting this so soon!

You have a great blog. This collection of songs is so very hard to find. I have the Invasion of the Tribbles EP, but thats only three songs.

Thanks again.

Jordy said...

it didn't come with track 19 :S
can you send me just that track please

thank you for the post :)