Monday, November 17, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 3

Once again, continuing on the Atomic Shockwaves theme...

This volume contains all American bands, containing Synth-Punk, Minimal Synth and DIY Electronics.

Industry 12" on Metro Records. Little Neck, NY, 1980

Observers Observing Observables 7" on Hardly Music. Indianapolis, IN, 1980

Delta 7" on Classified Records. Austin, TX, 1981

Mechanical Servants 'Min X Match' 12" on Mystery Toast. Saratoga Springs, NY, 1980

The Spanish Dogs 'Meet The Spanish Dogs' 7" on Ruff Ken. Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1981

Last Four (4) Digits 'Big Picture EP' 7" on hardly music. Indianapolis, IN, 1980

Chinas Comidas 7" on Exquisite Corpse. Seattle, WA, 1979

Monitor 7" on World Imitation Productions. California, 1979

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 3:

1IndustryLogging Time1:56

2IndustryCaribbean Cruise2:22


4IndustryReady For The Wave3:54

5IndustryProduction Goes On2:34

6Observers Observing ObservablesWatch Out For The Other Guy2:07

7Observers Observing ObservablesBabaloo No More1:51

8Observers Observing ObservablesExpiration Date + Remodel Yourself4:06

9DeltaMr. E Chaos3:06

10DeltaDiagrams Of Women2:36

11Mechanical ServantsAround The World3:28

12Mechanical ServantsStudy Up3:43

13Mechanical ServantsProblem, What Problem?3:35

14Mechanical ServantsResponsateen5:17

15The Spanish DogsAtomic Shockwaves2:36

16The Spanish DogsGot A Problem?2:35

17The Spanish DogsSaltine Crackers1:46

18The Spanish DogsCleveland2:39

19Last Four (4) DigitsFast Friends3:35

20Last Four (4) DigitsCoughing Up Blood2:07

21Last Four (4) DigitsCity Streets2:25

22Last Four (4) DigitsAnother Sex Crime4:35

23Chinas ComidasPeasant-Slave2:11

24Chinas ComidasLover-Lover2:29


26MonitorPet Wedding2:11


Anonymous said...

There'e no real reason why I should be nice about it but please do remove the Mechanical Servants EP from your blog. I am half of this duo and we worked very hard on it and on promoting. Mny bottles were thrown. The copyrights on these songs are mine and mine alone, the performance rights are BMI and the royalties are mine. I'm not too hot on commmercial radio either but I'm not them. Just a poor slob who tried for 20 years to make a living in the music business and barely could because people made illegal copies of her stuff, to wit... And the beat goes on. Please take it down...


Anonymous said...

Pamela, there actually IS at least ONE reason to be nice about this... Isnt it kinda sorta nice that ANYONE is listening to and appreciating some music that you made over 20 years ago?
And maybe it would be good if you please direct the readers of this blog to a place where they can legally purchase the music? I hope you will say that it IS in print somewhere now or will be soon... otherwise its kinda sad to stop people from sharing.
PS- love your record!


Anonymous said...

just came across this. good response to her comment. I think the mechanical servants record sucks, and she's lucky that anyone wants to hear it. I work at a college radio station and we have the original.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pamela,
I am so sorry to come across your comment upon searching for some more of your music to listen to besides study up. it is so off putting. it suggests you are truly only in it for the money. not that i really care about an artists motivations as much as i do the finished "product", so to speak. I think you should be flattered that 30 years later someone would want to listen to your obscure little ep. i would be! Apparently, you are not aware of how to profit from online sharing of your music. let me share with you a story about the time i went to see CHKCHKCHK or !!!. Long story short, the singer acted like an asshole on stage - telling people to stop sharing their music on line (mind you the show would be empty if they hadn't found out about the group through online sharing and we each paid 25$ to get in), then the singer did various shitty things culminating in throwing a water bottle into the crowd hitting the girl standing across from me in the head, not to mention the band was terrible live - could not stay in time to save their lives (this was especially relative because you know they're a dance punk group) - so this was when i decided to walk out of the show before it ended and not look back. i stopped listening to !!!. could not disassociate the memory of the shitty show and the record afterward. the music sounded less good. i used to speak highly of them and promote them to all my friends. i've always worked service jobs where i can play whatever music we want while we work. i turn a lot of, lot of people onto new music this way. Well, i'm sorry but i'll have to remove the one mechanical servant's song i have from any future play lists and discontinue any further review of your work. i will also have to share this negative experience with others as i have with regard to !!!. oh well. truly sad.

Exeter said...

Chinas Comidas as part of a comp!
Thanks a lot! I don't have this one!

Anonymous said...

Good lord, kiddies. What a load of brats. Stealing is stealing, not SHARING. I do not now and never did give a good goddamn if anyone liked it. And being of a generation where people stood by their work and their words, I at least use my name when slagging other people off. But you darlings go on and do what you, mash, copy...whatever and leave it to us geriatric cases to pave the way for you and come up with the stuff worth stealing.

Sorrow and Pity,


Anonymous said...

Pamela, you are an ass. And an old one. A guy NICELY asked you for information on WHERE TO BUY your shitty EP.

Sorry for my dirtymouth language. I am from Serbia, and yes, we do eat our neighbors children and do not know a single English word, and it is the truth that we are completely uncivilized. And we ONLY listen to our 'tribe' music, not that old crap Mechanical Servants, who we really never heard of because we don't have internet. blahh..

Dear blog owner I'm sorry for spamming, but her 'fancy' attitude really pissed me off.

Best regards,

Exeter said...

HELLen, cool comments!