Sunday, November 9, 2008

'80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum - Vol. 3 (Redux)

The third, in a series of eight incredible volumes.

(VA) '80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum -- Vol. 3:

1Big Dipper (Boston, MA)Hidden Track6:04

2Allen Ginsberg (With Start) (New York City 1983)Little Fish Big Fish3:36

3Sorry (Boston MA 1985)Deny2:33

4Moon (Chilicothe, OH 1990)The September Song3:01

5The Icicle Works (Liverpool, England 1986)Should I Stay or Should I Go3:04

6Curtis A (Minneapolis, MN 1987)Pearls Of Wisdom4:20

7Ellie Marshall (With Big Dipper) (Boston, MA)Which Would You Rather2:43

8Les Larmes (Los Angeles, CA 1986)Dresden Black1:58

9Housecoat Project (San Francisco, CA 1987)Styrofoam2:25

10Wild Seeds (Austin, TX 1986)A Girl Can Tell3:21

11Crippled Pilgrims (Washington, DC 1985)So Clean4:07

12Sorry (Boston, MA 1985)Rise And Fall1:15

13Start (Lawrence, KS 1983)Lies2:47

14The Connells (Raleigh, NC 1984)Unspoken Words3:19

15Harm Farm (San Francisco, CA 1990)Jersey Devil3:39

16House Of Freaks (Richmond, VA 1989)Pass Me the Gun3:06

17Happy Family (Austin, TX 1984)We Love You We Don't Love You1:56

18True West (Davis, CA 1983)I'm Not Here2:18

19Volcano Suns (Boston, MA 1989)Barricade3:22

20Band of Outsiders (New York City 1988)All Fall Apart3:45

21Blackbird (Los Angeles 1989)Mary's World3:47

22Jeffrey Lee Pierce (El Monte, CA 1985)Fire3:28

23Viv Akauldren (Detroit, MI 1987)Firewater2:34

24Dirty Face (Albany, NY 1988)I Can Hurt Myself2:57

25American Music Club (San Francico 1985)In A Room Above The Club3:49