Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum - Vol. 6

Continuing with my '80s Nuggets Week theme, here's more great stuff.

(VA) '80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum -- Vol. 6:

1Golden Palominos (New York City)Diamond4:40

2Midnight Choir (Doncaster, England)Boots2:12

3Pylon (Athens, GA)Precaution2:49

4The Cucumbers (Hoboken, NJ)One Step Further2:37

5Martin Bisi with Lee Ranaldo (New York City)Money3:51

6Band of Susans (New York City)Hard Light4:40

7Solomon Grundy (Seattle, WA)Gone2:42

8Sorry (Boston, MA)Mystery1:32

9DD Ranged (Mobile, AL)What's Goin On2:19

10Furlongs (Berkeley, CA)Daddy's New Car2:57

11The Woods (Unknown)Next Rain2:44

12US Mods (Dayton, OH)Station 73:12

13The Blackjacks (Boston, MA)Simple Math3:18

14The Blackjacks (Boston, MA)Dead Flowers3:25

15Russ Tolman (Davis,CA)Talking Hoover Dam Blues3:04

16Tim Lee (Jackson, MS)Turn Around4:07

17Uncle Green (Atlanta, GA)That Must Be The Way4:21

18Deacon Blue (Glasgow, Scotland)Church3:12

19Viv Akauldren (Detroit, MI)Looking At You2:44

20Paraf (Rejeka, Yugoslavia)Odlazak3:16

21The Bodines (Manchester, England)God Bless2:17

22Died Pretty (Sydney, Australia)Life To Go Landsakes5:30

23The Swimming Pool Q's (Atlanta, GA)Overheated3:12

24The Things (La Habra, CA)All Work And No Play4:37

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