Sunday, November 16, 2008

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves (DIY) - Vol. 2

Continuing my thematic theme (is that a redundancy?), I'm posting herewith a series of DIY Post-Punk collections, called Atomic Shockwaves.

In this series, you'll hear shades of Joy Division, homages to Public Image Ltd., paeons to early Human League, OMD and the like.

Often, this sounds like one of those Messthetics-type DIY collections, where the music is identifiably low-tech. Other times, you'll hear better production values (don't worry...none of that "Wall of Sound" stuff).

For some reason, there are no Atomic Shockwaves - Vols. 1, 4, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15 or 16 that I could find. And there's no information on the internet about this collection.

My guess is, this was put together by some music fan out there (hence the DIY qualifier). There were no album covers that I could find, either. I had to make up my own. They're not as good looking as whoever created the album art for the Hyped 2 Death Unofficial Addendum series I posted last week.

But hey...I was usually in a hurry, when I created them. (Aah, Time Management: A skill I never mastered).

Anyway, let's start numerically with Volume 2 (WTF???).

This is an all UK collection; mostly from 1979, but some from 1980.

Reluctant Stereotypes 7" on Oval Records (Oval 1013). 1979, Manchester.

Cardiac Arrest 7" on Torch Records (Torch 002). 1979, Surrey.

Colortapes 7" on Wavelength Records (HURT 4). 1979, Bristol.

Hardware 7" on (N.A.R.C. Records 001). 1979, Cheltenham.

The Insex 7" on Dining Out (Tux 3). 1979.

Neu Electrikk on Synesthia Records (Syn 1). 1980, London.

Self Control 7" on Dancing Sideways Records (DS2X). 1980, London.

Strangers In The night 7" on Dancing Sideways Records (DS3X). 1980, London.

(VA) Atomic Shockwaves - Vol. 2:

1Reluctant StereotypesThe Lull3:00

2Reluctant StereotypesThe Rounds4:02

3Cardiac ArrestA Bus For A Bus On The Bus4:33

4Cardiac ArrestA Cake For Bertie's Party3:15

5Cardiac ArrestFood On The Wall1:06

6ColortapesCold Anger2:51

7ColortapesLeaves Of China3:48



10HardwareSpeed Unit4:27

11HardwareWall To Wall3:37

12The InsexFractured Vision3:31

13Neu ElectrikkCover Girl3:24

14Neu ElectrikkPractically Isolate2:44

15Neu ElectrikkConverse Of Tapes0:50

16Neu ElectrikkHand2:14

17Self ControlAll You Can Hear3:37

18Self ControlCurrent Affairs1:41

19Self ControlThe Drug2:15

20Self ControlElastic3:45

21Strangers In The NightI Drowned2:59

22Strangers In The NightNew York In The Dark3:27


hex conduction hour said...

Looks like a winner. Thanks for the tracks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for offering these gems. I am downloading them for the third time - each time I am convinced I collected everything I need, but when I listen again after a year or so I discover new great songs ...

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am searching for all volumes of Atomic Shockwave Series. Maybe a possiblity that someone can upload them here ? Please contact me under Kindest regards, Thomas

Bill Joestgen said...

Hello. I have been searching for these compilations for years. If you still have them available to download, please write me at Ohhh, I hope you do!!!