Sunday, September 7, 2008

Killed By Death #26: Canada

This is evidently one of the harder KBD collections to find.

Even more difficult is trying to find the cover for it.

Lucky you, I managed to find both the front and the rear album covers. Do with them what you will.

I'll be posting other Killed By Death issues as time permits.

As always, click on the album cover to download the album.

Go rock out.

1DOANazi Training Camp1:49

2The ActionTV's On The Blink1:48

3ViletonesDanger Boy2:47

4ViletonesBackdoor To Hell1:31

5The UglyTo Have Some Fun2:09

6The CurseShoeshine Boy2:21

7The CurseKiller Bees2:50

8Forgotten RebelsAngry2:37

9Forgotten RebelsNational Unity3:56

10Pointed SticksWhat Do You Want Me To Do?2:24

11DishragsLove Is Shit (It's Goodbye)1:17

12Cardboard BrainsSteppin' Stone2:10

13DOAWant Some Bondage2:20

14ModsStep Out Tonight1:59

15DishragsPast Is Past2:20

16ActionDo The Strangle3:34


Anonymous said...

cheers...i've got already almost all kbd releases,and i must say this one is my favourite,particulary as i prefear early canadian scene and i hope to see posted more rarities just because is mostly canadian punk music is hard to find and it would be nice to hear' you need want-to hear listing!?!

Son of Spam said...

Hey there!

Yeah, I think I've got a whole bunch of them as well. I'm missing a few album covers, though (they're .mp3s). KBD 999 in particular.

And, yes...I WILL be posting more Canadian stuff. I appreciate your enthusiasm. There'll be more stuff from the late 70s/early 80s.

Thanks again for the good wishes! I was beginning to think that no one was frequenting this blog, LOL!



drpunkenstain said...'s me again,and i'm hardly awaiting something good from the glorious days of anarchy chaos and destruction...replace some songs on KBD 26 with few other better ones and you'll got probably the best canaduh the moment so close to this one is Only In Canada comp...but for me Smash The State is alltime faves!
by the way,i always lookback thru this blog whenever i can(Slow speed and bad/limited connection)and for thisone and for some other reason i'd like to give my want-to-hear listing,so you could probably help or let me know where i can find that stuff or so...

Son of Spam said...

You know, Doc...

I've been thinking of putting together a multi-CD fan comp [such as the ones that (used to?) populate the forums] of nothing but Canadian punk rock/garage punk/new wave/no wave/hardcore from about 1976-1995 (so I can include Rusty's "Misogyny" in there!).

I just haven't had the time yet.

But hopefully soon!

drpunkenstain said...

oh no,it'me it possibile to hear'em if you have or can get 'em:Vital Sines 1st(suburban suicide),or Dream Dates or Cutz(nuclear hall of fame)or whatever so good from glorious years of punk...keep on punkin'

Son of Spam said...

Sorry, punkenstain:

I don't have those, I'm afraid.

waxhound said...

Hi Mr. SoS

Thanks for posting this. I have most of the records, but this saves me having to digitize them... and I'm a lazy sod!!


Marc (Canada)

Anonymous said...

i'd love to get the no exit comps again. i had those on vinyl and the friend i loaned them to basically left the country never to come back without telling anyone i'm finding that stuff hard to find again. i lost this album too so i'm glad i'll get to listen again.