Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't Believe It

As mentioned in a previous post about the Nils, BYO (Better Youth Organization) Records put out a compilation called, Something To Believe In. After having done some research on the internet, I quickly discovered this comp is no longer available...and even then, only in vinyl format.

What a pleasant surprise, then it was, to find Something To Believe In on Compact Disc. And even then, for the ridiculously low price of only $5.00 through

So after waiting in anticipation for about 10 days, I eagerly ripped open the package when it arrived in the mail yesterday. I tore open the cellophane wrapping and placed the disc into my CD player.

A little too hasty on my part, I would soon learn.

I looked at the track list: "No Nils? What's going on," I asked myself. So I started playing the tracks.

Much to my aural disgust, the first track I heard was some sort of So-Cal Thrash/Skatepunk garbage. Okay, let me try the next one...

Then the next one...

Then the one after that.

My disgust was now turning to displeasure, as I soon discovered this was not the BYO Something To Believe In at all. It's not even a reasonable facsimile.

And not even put out by BYO Records, at that. This was an imposter. And not a very good one, either.

This one was put out by something called "kill.normal.records". Now, don't get all huffy if skatepunk is your thing. Personally, I don't particularly mind the original stuff from the late 80's (in limited doses). But this isn't even that.

Most of these tunes are hackneyed clich├ęd rehashes of genres that got old about ten years ago (think Rancid on a combination of crank and glue: thrashy skater punk/neo-ska, etc.) . And these songs were recorded no less than five years ago by (presumably) tatooed goons with nothing else better to do.

Now, I can spare the $5.00 (plus shipping and handling) that I wasted on this piece of crap. But before I give it away to my local library or something, I thought I'd pass it on to you.

Enjoy or don't. It's up to you. I don't particularly care.

Have a nice day.

Something To Believe In (Not BYO):

1FollyBlending Day With Night3:00

2Blind Luck MusicYears Of Silence2:46

3The Flaming TsunamisBy Force3:06

4Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe MafiaThird Fight3:43

5The Halo JumpIt's No Surprise3:22

6The SkepticsWait3:56

7For All It's WorthTidepool Requiem3:08

8TreephortSoccer Mom1:32

9Sometimes She BurnsMy Girl2:55

10Kicked In The HeadThe Witness3:30

11Smackin IsaiahClass Of '971:47

12DrexelTrack 114:10

13In PiecesA Fitting Lie5:22

14The Arrogant Sons Of BitchesSo Lets Go Nowhere2:30

15Big D and the Kids TableThose Kids Suck1:18

16The SuperspecsListen Up4:09

17JerichoBeauty Fades3:27

18Lock And Key2nd Quarter Broken2:41

19As Dead As DreamsBurnt Sienna3:27

20XIII PFPPerpetuates Silence3:19

21Greg WoodUnsafe3:20

22SlaterCan't Get Through2:47

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Anonymous said...

1. You're a cunt.

2. Don't trash music you know nothing about. I wouldn't listen to this if it was made by a bunch of tattooed punks with nothing better to do. And I listen to this. So get your facts straight and don't assume this was put together by a bunch of shitty punks.

3. You're a cunt.