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80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death (Unofficial Addendum)

For those of you who, like me, grew up in the 1980s -- or, also like me, you've conducted research into late-70s/mid-to-late-80s underground music -- some of these bands will be familiar. But the vast majority of them will not.

It should be noted, that 80s Nuggets: Hyped 2 Death (Unofficial Addendum) has absolutely nothing to do with the Nuggets comps, nor the fantastic Hyped 2 Death series of DIY CDs. In fact, this is not even a real collection; as such, there are no covers. I had to make up my own (as cassettes).

Presumably, this was put together by some mad music fan out there, who painstakingly gathered up all his/her favorite no-hit wonders from around the world, from that wonderfully-creative underground musical era between 1978 and 1990.

This, seemingly, has most of the musical genres that could be found in the "Alternative Music" realm: Alt-Rock, Punk Rock, Goth Rock, New Wave, Alt-Country, Neo-Folk... With 4 CDs (or Cassettes, as I've labeled them) and 91 songs, this would have made a great Box Set for those loners, geeks and misanthropes who populated every high-school hall in the 80s.

Click On The Individual Cassettes Below, To Download The Respective Volumes.

1Bed Of Roses (Athens, GA 1987)Crippled Pilgrims4:27

2Zeitgeist (Austin, TX 1985)Blue Eyes2:57

3Fetchin Bones (Charlotte, NC 1985)So Brilliant3:01

4Spiral Jetty (San Francisco, CA Maybe 1989Back There3:23

5R. Stevie Moore (Upper Montclair, NJ 1977)Compatibility Leaves3:36

6D.C.3 (Los Angeles, CA 1986)Party For One5:09

7Big Dipper (Boston, MA 1987)Lunar Module4:54

8Plan 9 (Wallingford, CT 1983)Gone2:55

9Plan 9 (Wallingford, CT 1983)B-3-113:51

10Richard Barone (NYC 1987)The Man Who Sold The World4:09

11The Secret Service (Smithtown NY 1987)What's Going On2:10

12Electric Orgasm (Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1983)Citadel5:00

13Guadalcanal Diary (Marietta, GA 1984)Ghost On The Road2:54

14The Phillistines Jr (Greenwich, CT 1991)Reggie Jackson4:08

15Think As Inkas (Memphis, TN 1988)Palestine One Mile3:45

16The Stems (Fermantle, Australia 1985)Love Will Grow3:19

17Jason and the Scorchers (Nashville, TN 1983)Both Sides Of The Line3:56

18Rhythm Pigs (El Paso, TX 1987)Censorshit3:02

19Oh OK (Athens, GA 1983)Chokoutien2:55

20The Buzz Of Delight (Athens, GA 1983)In Summer3:58

21The Jasmine Minks (London, England 1985)What's Happening1:49

22Biff Bang Pow (London, England 1984)There Must Be a Better Life3:10

1Bad Mutha Goose And The Brothers Grimm (Austin, TX 1991)100%3:06

2The Figures (Minneapolis, MN 1986)It's All Quite Clear3:37

3Sea Of Rains (Athens, GA 1987)Heinous Are The Crimes3:49

4Days Of... (Raleigh, NC 1987)Dreamgirl4:56

5Jonathan Segel (Santa Cruz, CA 1988)Now I Know3:51

6Rhythm Pigs (El Paso, TX 1987)Fire2:23

7Plain Wrap (Fullerton, CA Maybe 1985)Traffic3:12

8Song Dogs (New Orleans, LA 1987)Fire Is Fire5:11

9The Shakers (Nashville, TN)Queen of The Haunted Hell4:02

10Gile (Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1988)Green Onions2:04

11Seminal Rats (Melbourne, Australia 1986)Rat Race2:44

12Seminal Rats (Melbourne, Aust. 1986)Truth Never Lies3:09

13SVT (San Francisco 1981)Secret2:47

14A Picture Made (Somewhere in KS 1988)Little Boy Wisdom3:12

15R Stevie Moore (Upper Montclair, NJ 1984)I Wanna Sleep2:41

16The Jasmine Minks (London, England 1985)Think3:17

17Tom Caufield (Cincinnati, OH Maybe 1987)My Discovery2:32

18Louis And Clark (Los Angeles, CA 1987)Granville3:28

19These Immortal Souls (Australia)Open Up And Bleed3:31

20Angst (San Franciso 1987)It's Mine3:05

21Beat Rodeo (New York City 1984)Without You3:06

22Start (Lawrence, KS 1983)Where I Want To Be3:15

23Sorry (Boston, MA 1985)Far2:12

24Skeleton Crew (England & USA 1986)The Border3:30

1Big Dipper (Boston, MA)Hidden Track6:04

2Allen Ginsberg (With Start) (New York City 1983)Little Fish Big Fish3:36

3Sorry (Boston MA 1985)Deny2:33

4Moon (Chilicothe, OH 1990)The September Song3:01

5The Icicle Works (Liverpool, England 1986)Should I Stay or Should I Go3:04

6Curtis A (Minneapolis, MN 1987)Pearls Of Wisdom4:20

7Ellie Marshall (With Big Dipper) (Boston, MA)Which Would You Rather2:43

8Les Larmes (Los Angeles, CA 1986)Dresden Black1:58

9Housecoat Project (San Francisco, CA 1987)Styrofoam2:25

10Wild Seeds (Austin, TX 1986)A Girl Can Tell3:21

11Crippled Pilgrims (Washington, DC 1985)So Clean4:07

12Sorry (Boston, MA 1985)Rise And Fall1:15

13Start (Lawrence, KS 1983)Lies2:47

14The Connells (Raleigh, NC 1984)Unspoken Words3:19

15Harm Farm (San Francisco, CA 1990)Jersey Devil3:39

16House Of Freaks (Richmond, VA 1989)Pass Me the Gun3:06

17Happy Family (Austin, TX 1984)We Love You We Don't Love You1:56

18True West (Davis, CA 1983)I'm Not Here2:18

19Volcano Suns (Boston, MA 1989)Barricade3:22

20Band of Outsiders (New York City 1988)All Fall Apart3:45

21Blackbird (Los Angeles 1989)Mary's World3:47

22Jeffrey Lee Pierce (El Monte, CA 1985)Fire3:28

23Viv Akauldren (Detroit, MI 1987)Firewater2:34

24Dirty Face (Albany, NY 1988)I Can Hurt Myself2:57

25American Music Club (San Francico 1985)In A Room Above The Club3:49

1True West (Davis, CA 1984)Look Around4:28

2Idiogen (Koper, Yugoslavia 1987)Drive You Mad4:20

3Offbeats (Cleveland, OH 1986)Ain't This Life1:13

4Divine Horsemen (Los Angeles 1984)Frankie Silver3:49

5Happy Family (Austin, TX 1990)Eight Good Reasons2:25

6Hege V (Winton Salem, NC 1987)Hard Way2:06

7The Last (Los Angeles, CA 1989)Assembly Line3:27

8Lord John (Holmdel, NJ 1986)Blue And Green2:30

9Velvet Elvis (Lexington, KY 1988)What In The World2:47

10Mood Six (London, England 1985)I Wanna Destroy You2:33

11Volcano Suns (Boston, MA 1989)Needles In The Camel's Eye2:30

12All (Lomita, CA 1988)I Hate to Love1:49

13The Mighty Mofos (Minneapolis, MN 1986)I Need You2:19

14The Movie Stars (San Francisco, CA 1989)Words2:45

15Jon and the Nightriders (Maybe California 1984)Hit Man3:20

16The Nils (Montreal, Canada 1987)Truce1:44

17The Catheads (San Francisco, CA 1987)Victim2:58

18Miranda Warning (Lowell, MA 1991)Missed Opportunities3:00

19Lord Boy (New York City 1988)War The American Dream1:31

20The Death Folk (Los Angeles, CA 1989)Yellow 10:00

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