Monday, September 29, 2008

(VA) Metallica: Old Garage Inc.

Ten years ago, Metallica released Garage Inc., a compilation album of covers they had recorded since their inception until 1998. It includes all their b-side covers, and the entire $5.98 EP: Garage Days Re-Revisted
which has been out of print since its original release in 1987.
Then some joker on Soulseek thought it would be a good idea to put together Old Garage Inc., featuring all the original artists of the songs Hetfield, Hammett, Newsted, Ulrich and Burton covered.
(S)he didn't design an album cover: just a listing of the tracks. Click on the album "art", to download.

(VA) Old Garage Inc.:

1Diamond HeadHelpless6:48

2HolocaustThe Small Hours7:08

3Killing JokeThe Wait3:45

4BudgieCrash Course In Brain Surgery2:39

5MisfitsDie, Die My Darling3:09

6MisfitsGreen Hell1:53

7Diamond HeadAm I Evil7:45



10Diamond HeadThe Prince6:14

11QueenStone Cold Crazy2:16

12Anti-Nowhere LeagueSo What3:10

13Sweet SavageKilling Time2:39


15MotörheadDamage Case3:02

16MotörheadStone Dead Forever4:35

17MotörheadToo Late, Too Late3:27

18Bob SegerTurn The Page5:03

19Thin LizzyWhiskey In The Jar5:45

This is the cover of the original album. But you can't download anything:


Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting this one re-posted? Sadly, the link appears to be long-dead...

Son of Spam said...

Okay...try it now. It should work!

cruise_elroy said...

had a go at a little comp like this myself…