Friday, September 12, 2008

Wave Romantics: Dark Ballads and Underground Rock Classics

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Another compilation I know nothing about, other than this double-disc came out in 1996.

Don't let the album title fool you. There's nothing romantic about these songs.

A cornucopia of the darker side of the musical ledger, this collection has some of the usual suspects: The Cult's "Edie (Ciao Baby)"..."Nightporter" by Japan..."Vienna"...Bauhaus, ...Joy Division...Killing Joke...

But there are just as many, if not more, undiscovered gems. My favourites have to be "Temples Of Desire" by Christian Death and Nick Cave's "Do You Love Me".

Be forewarned: this is not music to greet sunny mornings on the beach by.

"Funeral Procession" by the aptly named Dreadful Shadows is all you need to know.

Have A Nice Day!

1Nick CaveDo You Love Me4:36

2Depeche ModeWaiting For The Night6:06

3Anne ClarkThe Sitting Room2:20

4New Model ArmyBallad3:53

5The MissionLike A Hurricane4:57

6Heroes Del SilencioLa Alacena3:39

7Christian DeathTemple Of Desire5:05

8BauhausShe's In Parties5:44

9Dreadful ShadowsFuneral Procession7:20

10Girls Under GlassReach For The Stars5:27

11ChandeenMysterious Clouds5:23


13Theatre Of HateAnniversary5:25

14The CultEdie (Ciao Baby)4:00

15Killing JokeLove Like Blood6:50

16Love Spirals DownwardsWill You Fade4:24

17Das IchJericho5:08

18Angina PectorisDisconsolate5:10

19Joy DivisionDecades5:19

20Marc AlmondTears Run Rings4:18

21WolfsheimThe Sparrows & The Nightingale3:09


23StranglersStrange Little Girl2:42

24And Also The TreesAnchor Yard4:00

25Deine LakaienLonely3:46

26CarmouflageWhere Has The Childhood Gone3:37

27Violent VisionDay By Day5:38

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