Monday, December 22, 2008

Uh-Oh Canada! - Vol. 1 (Fan Comp)

Here's an early Christmas gift for you:

This is a fan compilation I made, of nothing but Canadian underground rock from between 1975-1995. This is the first in a series of similar comps I'm putting together.

I've tried to put together a nice mix of different styles, from straight-ahead Punk Rock and Garage Punk, to Alt-Country, New Wave and Post-Punk, Jazz-Funk, Jangle-Pop, Space Rock, Industrial and Reggae. While many of the songs and artists might not be "definitive" of Canadian punk rock ("What...? No Teenage Head? No DOA?, etc."), during the time frame I've provided, I've tried to concentrate on some selections that might not immediately come to mind.

Rest assured, the so-called "definitives" will be included in subsequent volumes.

I know the cover is a bit cheesy and lame (trust's hard to find good band photos out there without copyright -- this one's courtesy of Chris Barry and the late Bryan Damaged c/o Punk History Canada dot com). Originally I was going to call it "Uh-Oh Canaduh!"... but that was too much of a ripoff of the Oh Canaduh series of punk rock covers. I might re-change it altogether, I don't know.

I'll keep you posted.


(VA) Uh-Oh Canada! - Vol. 1 (Fan Comp):

1TankhogI Woke Up In Love This Morning3:17

254-40Walk In Line4:20

3222sFirst Studio Bomb2:21

4ViletonesDirty Feeling3:04

5NostrilsI'm Vile2:16

6Crash VegasThe One That Keeps Me Running4:41

7Red TideMy Son Is A Kuwahara1:21

8Cottage IndustryTheme From Superstar3:54

9Shuffle DemonsSpadina Bus3:59

10Ceramic HelloSampling The Blast Furnace4:27

11Jr. Gone WildPoet's Highway4:15

12Heimlich ManeuverTakin The A-Train For Jesus3:27

13GruesomesFor All I Care3:09

14Grievous AngelsGordie And My Old Man3:38

15Payola$China Boys3:17

16Simply SaucerNazi Apocalypse3:10

17Animal SlavesCocoon4:21

18Shadowy Men On A Shadowy PlanetHaving An Average Weekend2:37

19Rupert Bailey and the SwingersMississauga Evacuation6:49

20MoevYeah, Whatever5:53

21Eastbound To KennedyBang3:48

22The NegativesEchos4:02


Anonymous said...

Hi,at first all the best for forthcoming holidays and a happy new year! comps could be interesting but is it possibile to downloading song by song...sipmly 'cause i want to hear one or two bands,no need to get 'em all!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i think that's a great cover. The 222's, man, you can't go wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

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Jason Bailey said...

R.I.P. to my father Rupert Bailey your memory and your music will live on forever.