Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vancouver Independence

Not having grown up in either Toronto or Vancouver, I cannot personally attest to the efficacy of their respective punk scenes, circa 1980. But having listened to the musical records (excuse the pun) of each scene, it would seem to be that Vancouver was the punk capital of Canada. The sheer number of bands makes the city one to rival the London scene at the time.

Anyway, in 1980 this compilation was released, showcasing fourteen tracks by some of the city's independent artists. This collection is by no means "Punk" in the sense of the term as we know it: ie. how one might describe the music -- "rough, loud, etc."... But this is definitely punk in spirit.

The music is admittedly all over the map and may not always work, but that's neither here or there; it's merely my opinion. I'm posting it here for archival purposes.


(VA) Vancouver Independence (1980):

1SubhumansBehind My Smile2:53

2MetrosDon't Like It At All2:49

3Si MonkeyThe Conquest Of Daytime2:58

4No ExitNo Excuse3:42

5DroogsNuremberg '342:56

6B-SidesSpy vs. Spy2:41

7Melodic Energy CommisionWhat Would You Say?2:50

8B-SidesUnderground Radio Stars2:40


10No ExitNothing New3:36

11Si MonkeyGet Rigid3:29

12SubhumansOut Of Line1:36

13MetrosIn With The Crowd2:22

14The Singing CowboysMidnight Cowboy3:41


Anonymous said...

false link

Son of Spam said...


Thanks for pointing it out, LOL!

I'll fix it immediately.


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waxhound said...

Hi SoS

Thanks for posting this, but could you put it up on megaupload, please?

I find that mediafire is often dodgy.

Thanks a bunch!

Marc (Canaduh!)

Son of Spam said...

Hi Marc:

I'm so sorry you've been having trouble. I'm uploading it to Megaupload as we speak.

Apologies, too for not checking back. I've been Megabusy, and haven't been on my own site for weeks.

Son of Spam said...

Okay, try it now. It should work.


Anonymous said...

The track by Si Monkey is quite interesting, imitating Tuxedomoon at their best.