Monday, August 18, 2008

Smash The State

A few years ago, I came upon a reference to this "Discography of Canadian Punk" over the Internet. The book reportedly came with three vinyl discs inside.

Call it a Canadian Killed By Death.

(In fact, some of these songs are even found on various volumes of the KBD series.)

Surprisingly, there isn't much information on this book. And I don't know
more, other than the records consisted of 7"s from a bunch of bands, some of whom would attain semi-legendary status in the pantheon of Punk Rock in Canada (Viletones, Forgotten Rebels) whereas other would be relegated to the dustbin of history (Arson, Fits, etc.). Apparently, there were 2 compilation LPs and a compilation 7" all released in 1994.

There's a third disc, that's reported as having been released in 1999.

Allow me to present to you the three volumes within.

1. Arson - Pretty Girls
2. Arson - Coho? Coho!
3. Arson - (Livin' With The) White Folks
4. Wild Fits - Just Lust
5. Wild Fits - Bored Of Education
6. Wild Fits - Sailing To Hell
7. Dry Heaves - Shoot Yourself
8. Dry Heaves - Portable
9. Dry Heaves - I Cant' Puke
10. Rock and Roll Bitches - Someone Could Lose An Eye
11. Rock and Roll Bitches - Broad Daylight
12. Rock and Roll Bitches - Welder's Song
13. Rock and Roll Bitches - Wild West
14. Hot Nasties - The Secret of Immortality
15. Hot Nasties - I Am A Confused Teenager
16. Hot Nasties - Invasion of the Tribbles
17. Sturgeons - Punk Rock Virgins
18. Sturgeons - Forward Disorder

1. Lowlife - Leaders
2. Lowlife - White Lightning
3. Lowlife - Thinking Naturally
4. Spys - Underground
5. Spys - Machine Shop
6. Private School - Money, Guns and Power
7. Private School - Fuck You
8. Private School -I Wanna Know
9. Private School - Sci-Fi
10. Silicone Injection - Kids Are People Too
11. Silicone Injection - Payday on Friday
12 Silicone Injection - Agro
13. Silicone Injection - At War With Peace
14. Silicone Injection - She's A
15. Malibu Kens - Crude City
16. Malibu Kens - Wednesday Morning at 5:00 as the Day Begins
17. Wasted Lives/Big Black Puppets - Divorce
18. Wasted Lives/Big Black Puppets - False Hopes

1. Gentlemen of Horror - Rich Kids
2. Gentlemen of Horror - Overhead Projector
3. Gentlemen of Horror - Rough Hike
4. Gentlemen of Horror - God Knows You By Name
5. Gentlemen of Horror - Bank
6. Bureaucrats - Feel the Pain
7. Gentlemen of Horror - Bank
8. Bureaucrats - Grown Up Age
9. Siggy Magic & the Hey-Hoe Band - Commercials for Free
10. Siggy Magic & the Hey-Hoe Band - Tooth Decay
11. Siggy Magic & the Hey-Hoe Band - Passive and Blue
12. Discords - R.C.M.P.
13. Discords - Dead Cubans
14. Discords - Kill the Rich
15. Discords - N.D.G.
16. Red Sqaures - Ottawa Today
17. Red Squares - Transmitter
18. Reaction - The Kids Arrived
19. Da Slyme - My Only Concern is...
20. Da Slyme - Kickin' Tll I Die
21. Da Slyme - I'm a Piss-eyed Sleaziod
22. Da Slyme - One Chord Punk Song


Anonymous said...

Wow Thanks for uploading these compilations. Also, your blog is great!

Son of Spam said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I appreciate your comment.

I've been busy lately, so I haven't been able to post as much stuff as I'd like.

But the weekend's coming up, so......


Jason said...


Just came across your blog. Looks like some great stuff! Can't wait to check out some of those comps! Just to give you a little more info on the Smash the State book...the three compilation LPs were released completely separately from the book. The book came with a four song compilation 7"ep with Rock n' Roll Bitches, Fits and two others. The book is a great resource for collectors and my only tiny, minor complaint would be if they gave a description of the music. It's always nice to know if you're taking a chance on a record you find to know up front if it's referred to as Punk, bad rock disguised as punk, or whatever the case may be. I have two fo the three comps on vinyl, but would love the 1st one. These really need to be reissued!


Simon said...

Great comps! As Jason pointed out, these came out much later than the book, which included only a four song 7" EP. A couple quick clarifications: The "Wild" Fits listed here were just called"The Fits", while Wasted Lives and Big Black Puppets were two different bands that slit a 45-- the comp includes one song by each.

P.K. Ramone said...

Great Blog, thanks very much.
Just one thing though, On 'Smash The State Vol 3 - you have the track 'Bank' listed twice by two different artists, and The Allies track 'Night in the City' is missing.

slangeug said...

Can you please please please reup vol. 3? I didn't even know it existed and now I can't find it anywhere but here and the link is dead. If you can help I'd greatly appreciate it. thank you.

slangeug said...

Please vol. 3? I can't find this anywhere. Thank you so much.