Monday, February 23, 2009

Dream Dates (For Punkenstain)

As requested by Dr. Punkenstain (sorry it took so long, dude!):

Unfortunately, I don't know much about The Dream Dates. They had a Geocities site up, but it's unfinished. There's no bio.

But evidently they came from Hamilton, because there seems to be some crossover with Teenage Head. I could be mistaken on this, though.

The Dream Dates released this four-song EP in 1979. And a winner it is; makes you wish they would have expanded on their musical output during this time.

Some members are still around: there's some jamming with the New Ugly.

The Dream Dates - The Mess You're In (1979):

1Dream DatesMoans On The Phone2:40

2Dream DatesHeartattack Rhythm2:51

3Dream DatesThe Mess You're In3:42

4Dream DatesSearch & Destory3:39


drpunkenstain said...

'Hanx,it's better ever then never,and by the way I'm always belive in YOU!now i'm going to downloading this single...and if i can help somehow,just let me know

drpunkenstain said...

...what am i supposed to say?how many great punk music come out from great white norths?this is great single so close to the best(like DOA,Subhumans...) and i knew there's out there some asshole who'll disagree with me but who cares!once,thanx!

Son of Spam said...


No problem, Doc!

Been a little too busy lately to update the Citizen. But I'm hoping to get some advance posts going this weekend, or so.


Simon said...

Whoa, lots of wrong information in this post.

The Dream Dates were from Hamilton, and recorded seven songs in 1979. No one from Teenage Head was involved, although the did get their name from Mickey of Forgotten Rebels.

In 2001, Toronto punk label Ugly Pop released a 45 (Moans on the Phone b/w Heart Attack Rhythm), and then a second 45 (The Mess You're In b/w Search and Destroy) in 2003. The two 45s were then released together on one 12" in Europe.

Urotsukidoji said...

Hey, i run the Dream Dates web page. It's still alive at;

The vocalist Greg Dick now sings in the Ugly (I run that page as well);