Thursday, March 5, 2009

(VA) White Hot: An All Out Metal Assault

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I remember buying this collection on cassette round about 1985 when it first came out, about a year after I first got into Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. Most of the songs and artists I had already been familiar with from the previous year, whether it's yer Kiss, your Rush, Scorpions, Lee Aaron or Slade (or even Krokus, whom I had only been familiar with by virtue of Hit Parader magazine and Midnite Maniac's brief appearance on Toronto radio station Q107's Top Ten At Ten in the Summer of 1984). But the others, were pleasant discoveries. And note the requisite inclusion of Canadian Content here: Rush, Lee Aaaron, Kick Axe, Fist.

All tracks on this collection are winners. And that's a rare thing to happen, even on Various Artist compilations.

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I recently got back into the whole HR/HM thing and thought I'd post this album. Leave it to K-Tel/PolyTel to come out with cheesy, yet delighful collections.

And to think they went out of business.

(VA) White Hot: An All Out Metal Assault (1985):

1ScorpionsRock You Like A Hurricane4:11

2RushDistant Early Warning4:58

3AutographTurn Up The Radio4:42

4KrokusMidnite Maniac4:01

5Y & TDon't Stop Runnin'4:21

6Bon JoviIn and Out Of Love4:23

7SladeRun Runaway3:46

8Kick AxeHeavy Metal Shuffle3:14

9Lee AaronMetal Queen5:00

10FastwaySay What You Will3:20

11FistThunder In Rock.MP31:41

12KissHeaven's On Fire3:17


Anonymous said...

File taken down already?

Son of Spam said...

Sorry...don't know what happened.

I'll post it again.

Son of Spam said...

Okay, try it now.

harleytexas said...

I used to see this all over the place. I loved Fastway's song.

berjo said...

Hi again,

Sorry 'bout the anonymous comment. Anyway, working now! Thanks!

Son of Spam said...
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sexy said...
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Anonymous said...

I remember this was my older brother's cassette, and my older sister swiped it from him around 89 when I was with her (I was in kindergarten), then my brother found it and swiped it back from her around 91 when her car was totaled and he found it in her glove box, then I swiped it from him about 6 months later and played it until about 03 when he somehow found it in my car and swiped it back. It took me years to find the track listings alone, and this... this is phenominal, thanks man.

Anonymous said...

re: Battered Wives.. look out for "Tin Soldier" playing in Toronto

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Jason said...

Thank-you very much,
I've been looking for this album for ALONG TIME.
Used too listen to the cassette constantly, I think I almost wore it out! LOL

You made my day Much appreciated !!!!!!

nrvagt said...

i use to play this album all the time. i wore it out. it went missing. 24 years later i finally found it. it is my all-time favorite album.