Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Agony Shorthand Post-Punk Mix

Agony Shorthand was music-based blog, which ran from February 2003 through September 2006. During this time, blogger Jay Hinman created a list of songs he liked. However, he didn't actually upload a compilation, nor did he create a cover. However, some unknown madster in the big, bad world of the internet did upload said compilation to Soulseek...but alas, no cover (sniff).

So that was left to me. Below is said compilation, just click on the (rather crudely-made) album cover below, which I designed as an homage to Agony Shorthand's banner logo.

Though, Agony Shorthand may be gone, Jay is back online with Detailed Twang. Please check it out.


1Pere UbuStreet Waves3:06

2Desperate BicyclesThe Medium Was Tedium2:19

3Red TransistorNot Bite3:49

4The NormalWarm Leatherette3:21

5Gang Of FourWhat We All Want4:59

6MarsHelen Forsdale2:27

7Throbbing GristleUnited4:05

8TwinkeyzAliens In Our Midst3:20

9Joy DivisionNo Love Lost3:43

10Swell MapsVertical Slum1:12

11Young Marble GiantsNITA3:31

12The FallProle Art Threat1:55

13GordonsFuture Shock4:56

14UrinalsBlack Hole1:18

15Dow Jones and The IndustrialsLadies With Appliances2:16

16Delta 5You3:48

17Cabaret VoltaireNag Nag Nag4:42

18Metal UrbainPanik2:14

19Animals & MenDon't Misbehave In The New Age2:03

20Mission Of BurmaMax Ernst3:04

21Seems TwiceSalient Feature0:24

22Two By FoursLittle Cities2:44

23The Birthday PartyThe Friend Catcher2:21

24FlipperSex Bomb7:48

25Bill Direen & The BildersAlien2:33

26New OrderEverything's Gone Green5:30


Jay said...

Very cool - thanks for doing this and sharing the music with the kids. Agony Shorthand is retired, but I'm now doing another mp3 blog called Detailed Twang - you can find it at

Son of Spam said...

Thanks Jay!

I've added you to my Blog Roll.