Monday, August 23, 2010

(VA) A Touch Of Fringe: The Compilation

As regular visitors to my blog will attest, I try not to be a one-trick pony.  That is to say, that while I have posted a helluva lot of Canadian punk rock from the 70s, I try to keep things diverse.  As you'll also recognize, I try to post items that are no longer available. 

Case in point, this extremely rare release by the now-defunct, Fringe Records ("Fringe Product"):

A Touch Of Fringe brings together some of Canada's finest proponents of aggressive music.  You've got yer Dayglo Abortions, your Bunchoffuckingoofs, Razor, Slaughter, Sacrifice and so much more.  The genres on this disk run the gamut from Industrial, to Speed/Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Punk, Techno and Crossover.

Fringe Product was the brainchild of one Ben Hoffman, who also used to be the man behind The Record Peddler store and Record Peddler Distribution.  From the late 70s to 2000, Fringe was one of Canada's most important punk rock and heavy metal labels, if not THE most. 

(If you were of a certain age in 1988, you may remember that Fringe and Record Peddler were brought up on obscenity charges: a police officer from Nepean, Ontario instigated a criminal investigation of the Dayglo Abortions, after his daughter brought home a copy of Here Today, Guano Tomorrow.  The cover shows a picture of a hamster eating from a box of chocolates on nice satin sheets, along with a glass of wine. A gun points at the hamster.  The back cover, on the other hand, shows a depiction of the resultant carnage.  For the record -- if you'll excuse the pun -- a jury cleared the companies of all charges in 1990.)  

Anyway, click on the album cover to download a copy of 1993's extremely rare A Touch Of Fringe.

(VA) A Touch Of Fringe - The Compilation (1993):

1Death and Horror Inc.Pain and Courage3:44

2SacrificeStorm In The Silence4:09

3Disciples Of PowerNature's Fury5:31

4Dayglo AbortionsHere Today Guano Tomorrow4:55

5RazorSucker For Punishment4:03

6SplatterpunkInner Sanctum3:45

7Dogs With JobsStone Cold Killer5:05

8BunchofuckingoofsCoke The Real Thing For Real Assholes2:26

9Northern VulturesClean Up Verdun4:19


11MadSpecial Olympics1:44


13Death and Horror Inc.Climbing4:43

14Disciples Of PowerCrisis3:55

15RazorShotgun Justice3:16

16Dogs With JobsDogs With Jobs2:52



Rahnuma said...

U have a blog?? Why don't i know about this? Nicely done brother. xo

the Black Purl said...

Hey! I do a radio show from UofT. I mainly cover gothic rock post punk and new wave bands, but I want to play more Canadian music (I have to and I want to). I'm going to take a good look through what you have here but is there anything specific that you would recommend to me?

Son of Spam said...

Hi Purl:

As soon as I get my new hard drive (with access to my External HD where I keep all my music) I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

You can still find copies of this floating around the used stores in Toronto. Not impossible to find and it was priced nice when released.

@Black Purl: Sample 'em all. You'll find plenty worth your time.

Anonymous said...

I used to have this CD years ago, thanks for uploading it!

Hamid Mehmood said...

Its fantastic.