Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busted Hard Drive.........


Good news...I got my new hard drive.  Been a crazy week, though.  I'll be back uploading as soon as I can. 

Hi Folks.....

Well, it finally had to happen.  My computer's internal hard drive is kaput.

The good news is, I've kept all my media files on my external hard drive.

The bad news is, I need my C: drive to access it.

So until I get it fixed (hopefully within a week), I won't be able to re-up anything or fix bad links or post anymore music. 

Thanks again for your patience.



Anonymous said...

Gosh! so bad but on the other hand it is good to hear that you had backups on your external hard drive.I think or advice you to shift to backuping up online because the external hard drive can also "KAPUT" any time.But with online backups you are assured of privacy and data security.Am glad i use Safecopy backup and i have never lost any data of mine and if i delete any file by mistake,i can recover it back by just a few clisck because Safecopy backup stores deleted files forever.

grantwe said...

Know just how you feel, life is really not so much fun without computer access.Hope your up and running soon