Saturday, January 2, 2010

Test Patterns For Living

I'm lazy and I'm rather late today...

So I won't have much to say about this EP today, other than it was Toronto underground band Blue Peter's first EP, released on Ready Records in 1979. 

When I get more time, I'll upload more information. 


Blue Peter - Test Patterns For Living: (1979)

1Blue PeterSame Old Place3:10

2Blue PeterOut With The Boys3:06

3Blue PeterLiving In The Eighties2:15

4Blue PeterTime & Money2:08

5Blue PeterDo The Robot3:27

6Blue PeterCloak & Dagger3:44

7Blue PeterFactory Living2:46


Turtle Noneck said...


Second release was mostly lame but had the song "Radio Silence" that was used as background music on City TV's "New Music" show.

Request: EPs by NJF and Rent Boys Inc.

Anonymous said...

My favorite release by this band from back when, Thanks, Grant

topper said...

Thanx for posting