Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crash Kills Five

First there was a Calgary band by the name of Buick McKane (evidently taking their moniker from a common misspelling of the Marc Bolan song, Buick Mackane), featuring Brian Connelly on rhythm guitar and vocals and Reid Diamond on bass.  They were joined by drummer Rob Wynne and lead guitarist Bob Keast.  Keast eventually left, with Connelly taking over full guitar duty and Scott Reed taking over vocals.  Bob Wynne was eventually replaced by Alex Koch, whose brother, Steve, was the one-time guitarist for both the Demics and the Viletones. 

After Buick McKane, Alex, Brian and Reid left for Toronto.  They hooked up with Donald Pyle on vocals and formed Crash Kills Five. But shortly before recording their EP, Brian Connelly left the band, to be replaced by Mohammed "Eddy" Nagdee (seen on the far-right in the photo below) from Toronto Punk band, The Dents (SOMEBODY PLEASE SEND ME RECORDINGS, IF ANY, OF THE DENTS!!!). 

(Photo courtesy of The Shadowy Site On A Shadowy Web)

Four years after this EP was released, Don Pyle and Reid Diamond hooked up once more with Brian Connelly, to form Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet.  Reid Diamond died of cancer, on February 17, 2001. 

Crash Kills Five: What Do You Do At Night?

1Crash Kills FiveWhat Do You Do At Night?1:57

2Crash Kills FiveIt's Always There1:40

3Crash Kills FiveSpecial School1:54


drpunkenstain said...'s good to see you back!
And I'll hope this year with little bit more early and rare Canadian the way,DENTS you can find on their myspace page!Not bad at all...
Stay PUNK and keep the faith!

Son of Spam said...

Thanks, man. :o)

Yeah, I'll be putting some more stuff up. Things have been busy lately, so I haven't had as much time.

But slowly but surely.... ;o)



waxhound said...

The Crash Kills Five EP has now been legitimately reissued on Ugly Pop!

Check it out here:

Email if you’re interested!

eye candy and stuff here:

and here (scroll down):


Marc (Canada)