Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Waiter, I'll Have My Music...MEDIUM RAW!!!

This is a cassette compilation put out sometime in the early 80s (?), by some mad genius who wanted to catalogue the Victoria, British Columbia punk scene at the time.  With 29 songs, it's a doozy.  Not as comprehensive as the All Your Ears Can Hear compilation 79 (!) songs by Victoria's independent rock scene.  But, hey...you get 29 songs, so stop complaining.

Anyway, if anyone else can provide more information, I'd be more than happy to pass the credit along.

(VA) Medium Raw:

1The NeosAlmost Typical Obligitory Anti-Government Song1:19

2The NeosLife Sentence1:00

3The NeosI Dont Wanna Be1:10

4The NeosSexual Revolution1:09

5Automatic ShockMushrooms3:10

6Automatic ShockFuck Off1:56

7Chronic SubmissionSick Of Reality1:40

8Chronic SubmissionNarc2:03

9Chronic Submission(Unknown)1:45

10Jerk WardI Love The Girls1:18

11Jerk WardMajor Threat1:09

12Jerk WardU F O0:41

13Infamous ScientistsNoise N Rhythm3:05

14Infamous ScientistsI Can't Get The Sounds I Want3:23


16SS TopSwamp Stomp2:56

17House Of CommonsWay Down South2:34

18House Of CommonsLow1:54

19House Of Commons19992:19

20House Of CommonsAmerican Patriot2:43

21Da JeepOnly When It Rains1:26

22Da JeepAnti Sex0:47

23Da JeepPurple Jeep3:32

24Red TideMy Son Is A Kuahara1:24

25Red TideFirst Strike2:03

26Dayglo AbortionsBedtime Story2:59

27Dayglo AbortionsProud To Be Canadian1:03

28Dayglo AbortionsArgh Fuck Kill1:29

29Dayglo AbortionsNuclear Supremacy4:36


Adam Gott said...

I don't have any info but I just wanted to thank you for this posting. I love these types of compilations! I would have thought that these types of things would have exploded in this digital age too!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for this. Cassette compilations are always amazing as I highly doubt many survived over the years with all the abuse they would have taken. Nice one! Thanks Again.

Anonymous said...

From 1983. Incendiary stuff!!!

equalizingxdistort said...

There is a review from MRR up at the Kill from the Heart site. the review was written by Tim Yohannon and it reads

"An excellent long-player's worth of British Columbia's current crop of bands. The Neos appear with some previously released material, but the rest (Automatic Shock, Chronic Submission, Jerk Ward, LSD, House of Commons, Red Tide, the Infamous Scientists, SS Top, Da Jeep, and the cool Dayglo Abortions) all chip in with new material, most of which is fine. Very little filler."
-(from Maximum Rocknroll #12, March 1984)

_Griphin_ said...

For your curiosity, a complete archive of the Medium Raw compilation as well as other Victoria, BC bands can be found at http://vdrp.blogspot.com. Check it out...

[V]ictoria [D]emo [R]estoration [P]rojekt.