Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dangerously Americanized Canadians

I wish I could tell you more about this band.  What I know is they're from Winterpeg (Winnipeg), Manitoba.

This record was reportedly pressed in 1989, but apparently it took three years to print the sleeve.  Rarely lasting more than 1:30, Face Tomorrow is full of short, sharp shots of hardcore fury.  Not entirely my bag...but then again: I do this more as a history lesson and for archival purposes. 

I originally found this EP on a collection called We Can't Help It, We're From Winnipeg.  With 32 songs, it was too large to clean up.  So I've separated this into the original EP from DAC.  I'll try to get you the rest of WCHI,WFW once I get some more time.

Here's a review from a 1989 issue of Maximum Rock N Roll:

Dangerously Americanized Canadians - Face Tomorrow (1989):

3DACEvil Co.1:28
4DACBench Warmer1:11
5DACYouth Uprising1:37
6DACSheet People0:34
7DACMaterial Fool1:14
8DACSouthern Comfort1:23
9DACBorn Again1:27


matt said...

This band contained at least one of the Anderson brothers (either Chad or Chris or both) who later went on to form The Strike in Minnaeapolis and later Chicago.

I know this b/c I was friends with their brother growing up in a smalltown in Manitoba and remember him mentioning this band.

Hope this helps.

jeffen said...

Chad was definitely in D.A.C. As a Winnipegger, I could prattle on endlessly. So I'll just have to rip and scan my vinyl and post it myself (it's been on my list of things to post for years). It'll be a while but I'll link back to you anyway.

drpunkenstain said...

c'mon,man...where the hell you've stucked!I need something to overdose my ears...perhaps comps Bud Luxford 1,2 or some singles or whatever from glorious years of anarchy chaos and destruction...of course only Canadian PUNK!!!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you this much. I saw D.A.C.from their beginning to their end. Luke Swain, the singer and Jason Brandis, the drummer were in the band from start to finish. Allan was the original guitar player but was replaced by Jamie Matsakubo, who introduced the metal leads to this straight edge hardcore band. There was a few Bass players Scott Dobly, Chris Procaylo, and Chad Anderson to name a few. They were one of my favorite bands to watch and were known for sing alongs and a mini trampoline. Originally they were called Dead Again Christians

jeffen said...

Crown of Thorns Ricky?

Anonymous said...

I loved this band -- super-fast, great lyrics, awesome shows with totally crazy pits. Everyone used to turn out for DAC! There were often fights in the crowd, though. And Luke would refuse to keep going unless the fighting stopped. Winnipeg Straight Edge!!

Jamie said...

Hey everyone. It's Jamie here...former guitar player for D.A.C..
I can't believe I found this posting about the band and e.p..
It's nice to see that people still remember the energy of the live gigs.
All comments are accurate minor correction...Ron Pink was the original guitar player. Sean Brooks originally on bass. I was later replaced by...hmmmm...I believe his name was Chris...a nice guy from what I recall. As far as I know...after I left the band...D.A.C. played one final gig before disbanding.
Chad and myself play on the e.p..
Yes, lol...the mini many injuries were generated off of that one. I couldn't believe how much air some people took off that thing. It was hard to focus on playing the songs...I was mesmorized.

Anonymous said...

I wish DAC would reunite for one more concert. I would like to hear hard it was to be a middle class punk from River Heights.

Oh by the way has anyone seen/heard anything about John Kennedy? A really classy guy.

Anonymous said...

DAC's songs were actually on politics and social issues. Sounds like you ^ weren't listening, which is no surprise. Those guys were/are serious antiracists and took heat for that along with the straightedge stuff. Maybe you were drunk the whole time.

Plus, Chad Anderson wasn't from River Heights, neither was Sean Brooks (first bassist), etc. And how good of you to slag off John Kennedy, who wasn't even in the band. I like how punk rock you are.

If DAC do play another show, be sure to crawl up on stage and talk crap. You would not have the guts. See you at the Judge reunion in NYC! Our crew will be waiting for you on the dance floor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous from March 7, 2013 at 12:52 AM.

Why must you talk in such violent terms?

First, I know that John Kennedy was not in the band. John was just another middle class punk.

“Back in the day” John was a major A hole and is probably today. With any luck John is serving a long prison sentence where he being raped and beaten daily.

Are you a friend of John?

Correct me if I am wrong, but Luke Swain was from River Heights.

At the end of the day who care? DAC were just another garage/high school band. By the way how old are you?

I just checked the Judge Reunion web page. Looks more like a young man’s game and not something for a 40 plus year old man.

Anonymous said...

The person who made the rambling post (3/10) sounds like a moron. It's like something you would hear out of somebody's illiterate dad, lol.

Anonymous said...

Check out this old punk show.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting money that the last two posts were made by Luke.


Anonymous said...

More history, .. Chad Anderson (who lived with Tonya on Assinniboine Ave, a 10-min walk from Fort St) left the band and moved to Minneapolis. Sean Brooks used to be in the militia and was thrown out for having a mohawk, he left the band too, as did Ron Pink (younger brother Mike) - also a River Heights guy, like Luke Swain, Chris Procaylo, Jason Brandis and Jamie Matsukubo (brother Jeff from Mourning Sickness, along with Rob Mullin). Jason left for Israel and did his voluntary military service with the IDF and from 'what Ive heard', he still lives in Israel (cannot confirm this).

John Kennedy - yes, he was also from River Heights, but from the other side of Grant and lived behind the Pan Am pool on Cambridge or Oxford (one of those streets). He fizzled out of the group after the FNWC 'scandal' and went on to press t-shirts from his garage. He ended up in trouble for making a shirt which said, "Fuck the Pandas". A blast at the city for spending 1-million dollars for bringing 2 Chinese pandas to be displayed at the city zoo.

Anyway, the group of friends back then was quite tight and everyone I can think of from River Heights from the mid-80s (30-yrs ago) were loyal to the Winnipeg punk scene, and almost ALL the young punks who went to every show and supported all the bands which came through town, were punks and skaters from River Heights. At least 30-50 River Heights kids at every show.

I don't know why people slag the punks from River Heights. Henry Rollins (Black Flag) was from a well-to-do area in Washington DC, Milo Aukerman (Descendents) and Bill Stevensen (Black Flag, Descendents, ALL) were from good areas of Los Angeles. Teenagers have no control over where they're born and raised, so who fuckin cares? Propaghandi, Red Fisher, Merry Pranksters, Mourning Sickness, DAC, The Weakerthans.. all came from River Heights.

I saw it with my own eyes, I lived it, saw it, knew all the guys personally (even Jamie M above) and everyone had a good time - Peanut Park, Richardson Park, River Heights Rink parking lot..
Funny enough, there was a post on another social media outlet from a guy who claimed to know the ins-and-outs of FNWC..(like who cares?) just by exchanging a few comments with him, again, a guy who slagged something he knew nothing about, was downing River Heights guys, and later he says "oh, that's what I heard". Dropping names on hearsay, downing guys he never met.

The River Heights guys had their share of everything, drugs, crazy people, idiots, nice guys, assholes etc... some guys went on to be doctors, professors, soldiers, cooks, photographers, and one even became a diplomat. Some guys from that period are dead, they never saw their 40th.

February 24, 2013 at 11:28 PM Anonymous said...
"I would like to hear hard it was to be a middle class punk from River Heights..."

Listen Anonymous, It wasn't hard, it was what it was. Kids, all these guys who Im talking about were between 11 and 18 yrs old. They came from River Heights because their parents lived there. If you're making a comment like this and you're actually over 18-yrs old, you should ashamed of yourself. These guys were all KIDS at the time. Kids are allowed to be who they want to be and are you gonna hold something against a person who wore combat boots and a Dead Kennedys shirt 30-yrs ago? Because of where he lived? Man, you have issues.

Most of us have teenage kids now. By the sound of it, you don't.

Marvin Fletchbottom said...

Here is a old review that I just found,

"This tasteless cover is a good indication of the lack of musical invention within. The musical growth of this band cannot even be charted. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry."

factcheckr said...

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GG Mills said...

Jamie, I love you man! RIP my friend. xoxo

GG Mills said...

Jamie, I love you man! RIP my friend. xoxo