Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Boulders Series: Vol. 8-11

Okay, I'm back from a long absence. Sorry for the delay. Things got busy and my musical tastes had changed somewhat. But everytime I saw this in my Firefox Bookmarks, I felt I was guilty of abandoning/orphaning my child, so to speak.

Anyway, here's the long-ago promised remainder of Dave Gibson's Boulders Series. Again, the reviews were taken from the Age Of Madness website.

(VA) Boulders - Vol. 8 (1983):

Having reached E and F with a couple of bonus T's added, this one features many excellent punkers but a strangely fluctuating sound makes it hard to enjoy. Some peculiar mind games in the track selection.

1Enchanted ForistHung on You2:35
2Enchanted ForistIt Don't Mean a Thing Anymore2:29
3Emergency ExitWhy Girl2:12
5Five of UsHey You2:09
6TangentsHey Joe2:03
7Fever TreeHey Joe3:09
8ThemWalking in the Queens Garden2:55
9ThemI Happen to Love You2:46
11Steve France and the VaratonesShe Turns Me On2:22
12Fountain of YouthHard Woman1:55
13Fountain of YouthDon't Blame Me2:22

(VA) Boulders: Vol. 9 (1985):

This one and vol 10 were long in the making but hardly deliver the goods. The ABC project is suddenly abandoned and in it's place we get scattered repeats from superior comps, a few killers and lots of fillers.

1KreegHow Can I2:25
2The Unrelated SegmentsIt's Gonna Rain2:26
3Beau HannonWho's Got The Right Of Way2:21
4The JackassesSugaree2:41
5Meddy's PeopleSha La La La Lee2:59
6Richard & The Young LionsOpen Up Your Door2:40
7The ProdigalYou've Got Me2:42
8The NocturnalsDetroit2:38
9Randy & The RadiantsMy Way Of Thinking2:31
10R RoguesThe Sound2:01
11The SkunksListen To The News Today2:15
12The ThoughtsAll Night Stand2:03
13Things To ComeSweetgina2:52
14The Unrelated SegmentsWhere You Gonna Go2:46
15Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum ArmyCaptain Groovy And His Bubblegum Army3:06

(VA) Boulders: Vol. 10 (1985):

Similar to volume 9 but with fewer repeats. The new stuff isn't too hot though. I've read people complaining about the sound quality on these two but my copies sound pretty good.

1Don Norman & The Other 4The Bounce2:54
2The Unrelated SegmentsIt's Unfair2:40
3Heart AttacksBabba Diddy Baby2:17
4The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2Double Crossin' Girl2:21
5Butch Engle & The StyxI Like Her1:54
6The Basement WallNever Existed2:11
7Beaver & The TrappersHappiness Is Havin'2:53
8The Down 5I'm Takin' It Home2:54
9The Brave New WorldIt's Tomorrow1:58
10The Boy BluesComing Down To You3:07
11Les ChantelsShaggy Baggy Joe2:32
12Les ChantelsHave You Ever Felt Blue2:05
13The Defiant 4Away From Home2:26
14The Distant CousinsShe Ain't Lovin' You2:58

(VA) Boulders: Vol. 11 (1988):

1The Little Boy BluesIt's Only You2:46
2Noah's ArkLove In3:05
3Bobby BrelynHanna3:13
4J Michael & The BushmenI Need Love2:36
5Chris Morgan & The TogasWould You Believe (Love Is Dead)2:51
6The ViceroysThat Sound3:02
7The Mersey MenI Can Tell2:58
8Hb & The CheckmatesLouise, Louise3:05
9The Mother GooseI'm Leaving3:14
10Livin' EndYou're My Woman2:57
11Limey & The YanksGather My Things And Go2:27
12The Liv'in EndThe Orange Rooftop Of My Baby's Mind2:54
13The Love AffairLet Me Know2:29
14The Liv'in EndShe's A Teaser2:40
15The Communication AggregationFreakout USA3:36
16The LegendPortrait Of Youth2:42
17The Mystic TideYou Won't Look Back2:53
18Lil' Boys BlueI'm Not There1:56


Drpunkestain said...

I'm glad you've back!And of course i expecting little bit more from early Canadian punk rarities or obscurities...
This series isn't bad,but I rather prefear good old 70' -early 80's punks!
Keep the faith!

Los Peores Discos said...

Great work. Congratulations from Buenos Aires.