Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tokyo Rockers/Tokyo New Wave 79

On January 21, 1979 a group of Japanese bands reportedly got together to record an independent album called Tokyo New Wave ‘79.

On May 11, 1979 another group of Japanese bands held a series of live performances, in Shinjuku: a ward of Tokyo. The recording of these performances was released as Live Tokyo Rockers ‘79.

Other than that, I don’t know much else about the two albums.

(VA) Live Tokyo Rockers 79 (1979):

1FrictionSenaka No Code3:03

2FrictionCool Fool3:23

3Mr KiteExit B-94:22

4Lizard!Robot Love2:08



7MirrorsTokyo Network4:44

8Mr. KiteInnocent4:51

9S-KenBlack Machine3:23

10S-KenAa koibito ~ Oo yure! Tokyo3:46

(VA) Tokyo New Wave (1979):

1SexTV Easy3:51

2SexThe Fragment of Murioku No Kakera5:08




6PainRefuse Night4:12

7Mannequin Ningyou (Mannequin Doll)3:02

8Kurai Tokoro E2:43

9City Boy3:24

10BorushiRobot In Hospital3:59

11BorushiClockwork Arts3:59

12BorushiNostalgic Boy2:24

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