Sunday, January 25, 2009

Da Slyme (Re-Upped)

Kirt Cig-O-Via [Wallace Hammond] (guitar, vocals), Dr. No Moniker [Craig Squires] (drums, saxophone, vocals), Pasquali Neutron [Terry Carter] (drums, vocals), Goohaw Groon [George Smith] (bass, vocals), Dead Beat [Justin Hall] (drums), Pig Filthy (vocals, congas), Snotty Slyme (vocals, cowbell, tambourine), Magilla Buzz Saw (guitar), Stig Stilletto (guitar, vocals), Roscoe Santiago [Tony Richards] (drums, harmonica, vocals).

These were the goons who started as Tooloose and Da Slyme, at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada in 1977. They played around the city of St. John's until about 1984, when work and travel commitments spread them across North America.

In 1979, they released their first (only?) release. The first double-album by a band from Newfoundland...the first double album by a Canadian punk rock band...and likely the first double album by ANY punk rock band....Da Slyme took the DIY ethos to the extreme: they didn't press their own album covers...they simply took other albums and spray painted over them (an example of which you'll find above). Various songs are recorded live, others were done in the studio.

In 1999, they reunited and released The 20 Year Scam.

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Da Slyme (1979):

Side 1

1Da SlymePiss-Eyed Sleazoid1:13

2Da SlymeRocket In My Pocket0:57

3Da SlymeMy Only Concern Is...1:01

4Da SlymeAin't Got No IQ0:55

5Da SlymeI Wanna Pick My Nose0:35

6Da SlymeOne Chord Punk Rock Song0:30

7Da SlymeKill Frank Moores1:25

8Da SlymeTrudeau Sucks0:56

9Da SlymeDefacation On The Nation1:06

10Da SlymeSqueeze My Blackheads Uh Huh2:34

11Da SlymeBrewers Droop1:07

12Da SlymeTough Luck Young Buck2:42

13Da SlymeEat My Shorts If You Love Me1:29

14Da SlymeAs Far As We're Concerned5:25

Side 2

1Da SlymePiss Eyed Sleazoid1:31

2Da SlymeRat Shop Blues3:13

3Da SlymeTanya What Ya Doin Wit Dat Seal3:47

4Da SlymeNewfie Rastaman5:09

5Da SlymeKickin Till I Die2:43

6Da SlymeCrazy Glue1:53

7Da SlymeMedley: The Ode To Joe Brickwall / I Ain't Got No I.Q. / Eat My Shorts / Joe Brickwall Reprise5:36

Side 3

1Da SlymeR. Refuse Intros1:51

2Da SlymeTruck Stop Nun2:51

3Da SlymePig Filthy Eaters1:05

4Da SlymeDefacation On The Nation1:21

5Da SlymeOne Chord Punk Rock Song0:14

6Da SlymeR. Refuse Intros Again0:47

7Da SlymeSpoken 13:19

8Da SlymeTanya What Ya Doin With Dat Seal4:11

9Da SlymeSpoken 21:09

10Da SlymeMy Only Concern1:26

11Da SlymeDevils Out3:55

Side 4

1Da SlymeRadio Junkie3:00

2Da SlymeR. Refuse Intros1:09

3Da SlymePon Rumphrey Song3:05

4Da SlymeSpoken 12:17

5Da SlymeAnarchy-Baby-Mother-Daddy-O-Dig3:14

6Da SlymeSpoken 20:49

7Da SlymeMy Mind Is Shot1:53

8Da SlymeSpoken 30:54

9Da SlymeKill Frank Moores3:35

10Da SlymeThe Break Song1:02


dan said...

yess. i've been wanting this for a long while now! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dude, this is awesome, I have Da Slyme on my Ipod, thanks to you. Never again will I wonder what Tanya is doing with that seal.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be fucking kidding me!
I found your site looking for The Ugly, and I found the Fucking Slyme! I love You!

Bryan said...

I will KILL for a vinyl copy of this sickfukk masturpiece!!!!!!!!!! this makes bands like the spits seem positively intellectual.

David Hancock said...

I recently located my copy of the 1979 album among a bunch of other albums in my parents' attic. The original cover was XTC- Drums and Wires. The lyrics insert is in great shape and the lp's are not too bad. One is a little warped but I was able to get both transferred to cd's.

Anonymous said...

I can make a copy of the cd's and the lyric sheets for a nominal fee.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wondering if anyone who managed to get these songs before they were removed still has them?

If so I'd appreciate an e-mail and possibly working out a way to get some copies.. e-mail cassandra.s.arnold at, thanks!

Son of Spam said...

Hi Cassandra,

Give me a few minutes.

I'll see if I can upload them again. :o)

Son of Spam said...


Thomas Morris said...

This is awesome, my uncle was actually a member of Da Slyme! My dad and his friends were at the infamous first show, and he has a couple of copies of the original album!

bryan swirsky said...

hey thomas,

thanks for the follow-up post! i would love to get a copy of that record. can you put me in touch with your uncle? i will pay handsomely!


bryan swirsky said...

i mean, dad not uncle. my excitement got the better of me!