Monday, October 6, 2008

(VA) Minimal Electronics: Volume 1

I love the internet.

You can find so much stuff out there, created by music fans of all stripes.

Case in point, this three-volume set. I know absolutely nothing about it, other than some people have put selections from it onto their podcast/internet radio playlists.

This is the music of dark, German nightclubs in the late 70s/early 80s. This is what you would hear if you were in tune with what was happening in the electronic underground during that time.

However, not all songs are from the original Post-Punk Era. Indeed, you'll even find a cover of Nirvana on a subsequent volume (which I'll be featuring later this week).

This didn't come with album cover art, though I did find the image above somewhere, in relation to this collection. So I've reproduced them for all three volumes.

(VA) Minimal Electronics - Volume 1 (Date Unknown):

1Ensemble PittoresqueMaitre Satori4:04

2Ensemble PittoresqueAuratorium5:28

3Clock DvaFour Hours3:52

4No MoreHypnotized1:37

5Schleimer KShe´s Gone3:29

6Schleimer KOn The Odd Again4:31

7Schleimer KWomen3:03

8Schleimer KHang Ups3:25

9A Blaze ColourCold As Ever3:32

10Vo EseRike´s Birthday3:52

11Van Kaye & IgnitPicassos On The Wall3:36

12P1E-49 Second Romance2:53


14Clock DvaBrigade3:28

15Vice VersaGenetic Warfare3:38

16Vice VersaStilyagi4:18

17Vice VersaEyes Of Christ3:03

18Geile TiereGeile Tiere3:34

19Controlled BleedingRings Of Fire3:44

20Twice A ManHappy Life4:22


Alternativa Camacha said...

I love this album!

Anonymous said...

Please reupload on Mediafire maybe :/


Son of Spam said...

Link Fixed!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for quick reply&reupload! :D


Son of Spam said...

Customer service, yo! :o)

Anonymous said...

I would really love this. Could you possibly repost the link. Great work by the way so a big thanks in advance.