Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boys Entering Anarchic States Towards Internal Excellence

If you haven't figured it out by now, the above statement makes up the acronym, "BEASTIE", which is how the Boys' nomenclature came about.

In 1982, the Beastie Boys recorded an EP of hardcore punk material, called "Poll Wog Stew", which would be so far removed from their later hip-hop stylings.

Don't get me wrong...I actually prefer their hip-hop guise. But I thought this would be of historical significance or curiosity.

Interestingly, the song "Egg Raid On Mojo" reportedly originates from an incident whereby a bouncer at a nightclub denied the band entry. They later returned -- dressed in black -- to pelt their offender with eggs.

Beastie Boys - Poll Wog Stew EP (1982):

1Beastie BoysBeastie Boys0:56

2Beastie BoysTransit Cop1:17

3Beastie BoysJimi2:06

4Beastie BoysHoly Snappers1:22

5Beastie BoysRiot Fight0:30

6Beastie BoysOde To...1:33

7Beastie BoysMichelle's Farm1:38

8Beastie BoysEgg Raid On Mojo1:20

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