Friday, June 20, 2008

We Are Family

So much has been written about Charles Manson, I'm not going to bother.

But on September 11, 1967, recording began for Charlie's debut album (with overdubs done on August 9, 1968). Actually titled Charles Manson Sings, it was distributed during the Manson murder trial.

Songs on this disc have been covered, sampled and reworked (or possibly even plagiarized, as Devo allegedly did for Mechanical Man) by a multitude of artists, including Guns 'N' Roses, GG Allin, Red Kross, The Lemonheads, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

I'm a bit lazy tonight and don't feel like writing more. But suffice it to say that LIE was reissued in the mid 80s by Awareness Records, proceeds went to the families of victims of violence. Awareness Records is now out of business. The album was reissued again in 2006. Proceeds of that one are reported to go to Manson Family victim Wojciech Frykowski's family.

The cover is a copy of the December 19, 1969 Time Life front cover, only with "LIFE" substituted with "LIE".

Click On The Album Cover To Download The Album.
  1. "Look at Your Game, Girl" – 2:03
  2. "Ego" – 2:27
  3. "Mechanical Man" – 3:18
  4. "People Say I'm No Good" – 3:20
  5. "Home Is Where You're Happy" – 1:29
  6. "Arkansas" – 3:03
  7. "I'll Never Say Never to Always" – 0:41
  8. "Garbage Dump" – 2:34
  9. "Don't Do Anything Illegal" – 2:52
  10. "Sick City" – 1:36
  11. "Cease to Exist" – 2:12
  12. "Big Iron Door" – 1:10
  13. "I Once Knew a Man" – 2:33
  14. "Eyes of a Dreamer" – 2:35

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