Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Thought: A Victoria Sampler Vol. 1 & 2

1986. Two 60 minute cassettes. One helluva compilation.

Random Thought was intended as an overview of the independent music scene in Victoria, British Columbia of that year. Apparently, the purpose of this comp was to highlight songs that never made it to vinyl.

Here's a two-fer for you greedy mofos.

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Random Thought: A Victoria Sampler Vol. 1

1. Red Tide - Kelp and Salal
2. Bruised And Stupid - You Have Fun, I'll Sit In The Car
3. Infamous Scientists - American Bandstand
4. Masterrace - Gang Bang With The Shaggs
5. Bert Goulet - One Day
6. Automatic Shock - Evolution
7. The Ryvals - Time Of Restraint
8. Sludge Confrontations - Salt Mines
9. Scott Henderson's Noxious Landscape - Competition
10. Scott Henderson's Noxious Landscape - Scott Attempts To Run The Voodoo Down
11. Masterrace - When I'm With You
12. Bruised And Stupid - Guns, Liquor, 24 Hours
13. The Wardells - Laughing Instead
14. Bobby Permanent - South Of America
15. Low Fun - Use Your Imagination
16. Lord Horizontal - No Future
17. Nomeansno - Getting Colder
18. Sludge Confrontations - Beautiful Vampire
19. Red Tide - Masks

Random Thought: A Victoria Sampler Vol. 2

1. Nomeansno - Burn
2. Red Tide - Any System
3. The Ryvals - Cut Through
4. Bruised and Stupid - Dear Mother, The Headaches Are Getting Worse
5. Terrace, Plexus - Is Paisley The Flower Child of Yin & Yang?
6. Noise Generation - Blindwalk
7. Son of Sam - Clock Running Too Fast (improv)
8. Automatic Shock - Mushrooms
9. Infamous Scientists - Baldwang Must Die
10. Sludge Confrontations - Severed Cat
11. Sludge Confrontations - Hermit
12. Nomeasno - Love Thang
13. Lord Horizontal - Electric Queenieland
14. The Wardells - Stand In The Light
15. Terrace, Plexus - A Song About Daisies
16. Noise Generation - Emily
17. Masterrace - Slam Dancing For Jesus


Evan G said...

OK buddy, you're in on the Mega Super Mammoth. Wordpress screws over all kinds of music bloggers. The only reason they haven't bothered me, I presume, is that I don't offer files. Good luck building your audience.
-EG at Mega Super Mammoth

Anonymous said...

This compilation wasn't so much an overview of Victoria's scene that year as it was a chronicle of Victoria's scene up to that point. Bands like the Infamous Scientists had been broken up for a while by 1986. Still it was a good compilation of Victoria "alternative" bands of the early and mid 80s.