Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dude...Six Months???!!! Where Ya Been???!!!

Sorry, folks.  I know I haven't updated The Citizen in half-a-year.  Been busy...priorities changed.

But in the interim, much has taken place:

On February 28, 2011 I set aside my antidepressants, in the knowledge that I had completely shed the shackles of a crippling depression which paralyzed me for 15 years.

At 9:42 pm on Saturday May 8, 2011 I had a breakthrough.  Now I'm thinking clearer and back to being confident again. 

Give me a few more days and I promise to have something up here.  I'll have to go through my collection to figure out what's still left to post. 

I thank you for your patience and your patronage.  I love the fact that you love the music you see here. 

Have An Extraordinary Day,

Son of Spam. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, hurrah! More goodies on it's way and more things to explore aurally. This'll be interestin'.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just want to say that I have been enjoying a lot of the music you've posted up here. I love discovering new bands.

So thank you, and a HUGE congratulations on your breakthrough.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to congratulate you with your breakthrough. We've been missing your updates. Big hug!

Frog said...

Hi! I finally finished compiling the volume 9 of the 80s Nuggets. Send me an email so I can give you the link.

Team Awesome said...

Any chance of re-ups on some of the older stuff (specifically Random Thought comp and the Slow stuff)?

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're not dead!

Mr. Blue said...

Hi, I want to congratulate you with your breakthrough. We've been missing your updates. Big hug!