Sunday, May 9, 2010

(VA) England's Dreaming

I know, I know...

I haven't been updating at all, lately.  But I still appreciate the daily visits.

But in order to placate your greedy little hearts, I'm posting a collection of punk rock from classic punk bands, as compiled by musical journalist Jon Savage.   This was a companion piece to his book, England's Dreaming: The Sex Pistols and Punk Rock.  The song selection is good: nothing that you'll find on the countless punk rock comps that have come out in recent years, ie. nothing obvious. 


(VA) England's Dreaming:

1Iggy & The StoogesSearch And Destroy3:30

2Electric EelsAccident3:23

3Patti SmithMy Generation3:18

4RamonesGimme Gimme Shock Treatment1:42

5The SaintsThis Perfect Day2:11

6PenetrationNever Never2:34

7The AdvertsThe Great British Mistake3:49

8DevoGut Feeling-Sloopy (Live)8:22

9BuzzcocksOrgasm Addict2:02

10WireMr. Suit1:25

11The ResidentsBeyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life3:53

12The GermsForming3:05

13The DilsI Hate The Rich1:41

14The AvengersCar Crash4:20

15The DiodesTime Damage2:20

16The WeirdosWe Got The Neutron Bomb3:00

17The ZerosWild Weekend1:31

18Brian Eno & SnatchRAF3:02

19The NormalTVOD2:53

20Cabaret VoltaireThe Set Up4:48

21The UrinalsI'm A Bug1:14

22BizarrosYoung Girls At Market2:55

23Metal UrbainHysterie Connective3:07


25Sioxsie & The BansheesNicotine Stain2:58

26The AdvertsThe Great British Mistake3:48

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